How To Clean Your Air Conditioner System By Following These Steps

Air conditioners are necessary during the summer season to keep your home and office cool and fresh. A common type of cooling system is split air conditioners which are well-known for their compact, ductless format. The inner unit looks like a rectangle shape that’s built into a wall of your house, while the outdoor unit looks like a large metal box. It’s necessary to examine and clean your split A/C to know if an air conditioner is as good as its inner workings. Start by cleaning your indoor A/C unit before you clean the condenser which is an outdoor unit.

The following steps can help you in cleaning air conditioners.

  1. Sound the whole appliance with a cleaning bag to prevent reaching any dust or dirt on the floor.
  2. first power off the electric source and then lift the front panel. Before opening the front panel it is important to power off the electric source of the Air Conditioner system. As we know deep cleaning of the ac system is necessary. For cleaning ac, many companies in Dubai provide the best services for move in move out cleaning Dubai.
  3. After lifting the front panel remove the air filters. Along the side of each air filter press a
  4. For cleaning the air filters the best way take them to a sink and pour cool water over them. Rinse air filters if they are not too dirty it will be enough to remove the dust or dirt.
  5. In this step of the process a brush can help you. Blow the dust from the cooling fins. The shape the of cooling fins looks like a series of metallic lines snug against the back of the A/C. Make sure that you blow the dust from the whole surface of the cooling fins.
  6. Now with a no-rinse evaporator spray clean the coils and let them dry. Apply a specialty can of no-rinse evaporator cleaner to the coils. Then, for at least 20 minutes let the product sit. The coils look like rounded pieces of metal.
  7. To Prevent mold onto the coils spray antifungal cleaner. For sanitizing the back of your air conditioner uses a big can of antifungal spray. To prevent toxic particles, this cleaner helps and prevents them from growing in your appliance.
  8. To maintain the original condition of the air filters you should confirm that they are clean and dry.

9 Then by flushing out the drain lines clear out any clogs. Avoid a drain line clog from flushing that separates the indoor and outdoor units. Use a pressurized flush kit to clean down the drainpipe. For at least 1 hour let the drain line air-dry to make sure all of the water has evaporated. Before turning on the A/C reconnect the hose.

  1. At the end of the process to make sure everything is working in the correct way turn your split AC back on. To check your split A/C system see if cold air is coming out or not. Through the pipe, you can also stick a wire or a long piece of metal to clear any clogs.

If your split A/C is still having some problems then contact cleaning services in Dubai 24/7  for help. They will clean your air conditioner in the best way. And at the end of these services, you will be 100 % satisfied.

Note:-  After you turn the A/C on keep the cleaning bag in place. It chance that the machine will be spitting out dirty water after cleaning. Before removing the bag wait until all of the waste has left the AC.

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