October 6, 2022

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What To Do When The Canon Printer Is Not Working?

Canon Printer

A Canon printer is a robust device that provides good printing and various advanced features. These printers have an easy interface that allows them to set and configure the device without any issues. But like other hardware devices, your printer can get into error. Whenever your Canon printer does not work, you should inspect the possible reasons and then fix them. 

Restart your computer and the Canon printer

Restarting the system will fix all the runtime issues which are causing the printer error. Users can face errors when any file gets into an error while taking the printouts. It mainly occurs when the user is running some other processes on the system. While giving the print command, some files get into conflict and start showing errors. When the user restarts the system, all resources get free and then the printer will work reliably.

Reset your Canon printer

Your Canon printer will stop working when you make a few invalid changes. While setting the printer, users often make few changes which get the whole system into error. If your Canon printer stops working after you made a few changes then you should undo the changes. Go to your Canon printer and check its settings. Undo all changes and then try to take your printouts. When a user forgets the default settings then he can go for the factory reset. 

Go to Canon printer and hit the Reset button

Users will get the reset menu on the screen

Select the Soft Reset and hit ton OK button

Now press the button until you get the Hard Reset option

After resetting the device, configure the printer again. Reconnect the printer and then take the printouts. 

Fix the Canon driver

If the printer is not working and showing a Canon 5b00 error then check for its driver. The printer shows the error message when it can’t understand the command. For communication between the printer and PC, you will require the driver. While installing the driver from the web, check the printer model name. Your Canon printer won’t print if you have installed an incorrect driver. Check the model and then install the correct driver on your device. The error can occur when your Canon driver is running out of date. Install its update and then run the printer. When your driver files are corrupted, remove them. Delete all the files of your corrupted printer driver and reinstall the driver from the internet. When your printer finds the correct driver, it will start taking the print commands.

Check the printhead

When the printer stops working while taking printout then check for its printhead. You can face this error when you are taking lots of printouts without a break. The printhead needs heat to imprint the ink on the page. But when you are taking the printouts simultaneously, the printhead gets overheated and stops working. You should shut down your Canon printer until the printhead cools down. Overheated printheads can get burned and then you have to replace them. When the Canon printhead cools down, you can resume the printing. The user can face the printhead error when the printhead is clogged. 

Go to the printhead and a select properties dialog box

Choose Print Head Deep Cleaning

Tap on the Maintenance button and hit on Deep Cleaning option

Choose the ink group and then hit on the Execute option. After cleaning, check the printhead and try to take the printouts.

Run a malware scan

Printer shows the error when the viruses are corrupting their processes. When the user gives the command, the viruses interrupt it and the printer can’t get the command correctly. The user can’t work until he removes the viruses from his device. Detecting the viruses manually is difficult. canon mg3000 wireless setup You can run the security software which can detect the malware and delete them. After removing all the viruses, restart the device and reconnect with your Canon printer.

Remove the current print job

If the running print job gets stuck then you have to remove it. Open the taskbar and select the printer icon. Go to the active printer dialog box and select the print job. Cancel the document and now resume the printing.