September 21, 2021

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What makes Snowflake the favorite cloud service for many businesses worldwide?

India Snowflake Partners

Snowflake, a cloud data storage platform, facilitates the storage and use of data by data teams. Snowflake software offers numerous sorts of data and business intelligence tools and makes it easier for internal and external teams to work together across the ETL pipeline, contrary to typical storage systems. Snowflake can also accommodate most organized and unstructured types of data as a relational database. This platform is easily accessible in India through India Snowflake Partners who offer the best possible Data Analysis and BI services and connect you to the Snowflake Data lakes and Data Warehouse.

Why there was a need for Snowflake Software?

Snowflake does not support partitions or indexes, unlike other data warehouses. Instead, Snowflake divides big tables automatically into micro partitions to produce the statistics on the ranges of values that each column includes.

The information handled by organizations is increasingly complex and voluminous, but its importance also gains integers when making business decisions. The Snowflake platform was established under these conditions, which were previously available in the Amazon Web Services public cloud and recently in Microsoft Azure.

The storage environment is scalable both horizontally and vertically and has data computing capabilities or concurrent user management. In this case, all processes are kept separate but are also integrated logically and transparently for administrators, which greatly facilitates their management. Users don’t need to worry about the infrastructure or resources needed for management. Everything is automated so they can focus on extracting the value from their structured and semi-structured information as mentioned above.

The platform offers native support for these data types, so no prior conversion is necessary. According to those responsible, it is very easy to upload the information for subsequent analysis almost instantly. In addition, because the architecture is designed from the ground up for the cloud, it is possible to carry out multiple workloads simultaneously without this impacting the performance of the system acquired in the pay-per-use mode: It can be uploaded, transformed, consult, analyze or even share the information at the same time.

Sharing (data) is living

The concept of ‘data sharing’ is penetrating strongly in data management environments. It is not something new: organizations have always needed to exchange and share their databases for multiple purposes, mainly for information analysis and decision making. But this exchange was often limited to duplicating the instances, including obsolete data due to the impossibility of differentiating one from the other, which also entailed high management and maintenance costs. The Snowflake Data Warehouse platform, in addition to the aforementioned functionalities, offers this exchange and sharing of information, overcoming the limitations of traditional systems: The data is not physically moved or duplicated, but is shared in a safe and controlled way in time. Real in two well-defined groups based on whether the data can be updated or simply accessed in reading mode. This is what the company calls Data Providers and Data Consumers. With the India Snowflake Partners, information is always up-to-date and accessible by anyone who has access to it, facilitating business decision-making.