September 21, 2023

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What Makes Female Quran Tutors More Efficient And Reliable In Learning The Quran?

English has become an international language. Many Muslims living in the western states are very good a speaker of this language but it is difficult for them to understand other languages. That’s why learning the Quran becomes very difficult for them. Although the teachers are good at teaching the Quran but they lack communication skills. This a huge point of concern for parents.

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How to overcome this problem?

To overcome all these issues, people are inclining towards the online Quran classes. The teachers are educated, professional, and good at speaking English. Similarly, you can trust teachers to teach your daughters and sisters. Many girls feel shy and reluctant from learning the Quran with male Quran teachers while they feel comfortable with a female Quran teacher.

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You can blindly trust expert tutors:

The parents demand expert and experienced Quran teachers for their kids. No doubt, the online Quran academies offer a one-stop solution to provide well-qualified Quran teachers who are graduated from recognized universities in the world like Al-Azhar University, Egypt or Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia.

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Home based learning platform:

The online female Quran tutorsare competing male Quran tutors in every aspect. Their motherly style of teaching kids makes kids feel comfortable while learning the Quran. You can contact them anytime to take classes. However, it is preferable to discuss everything before selecting the schedule. You do not have to take your sisters and daughters to the mosque to take classes. Instead of this, you are getting quality services from your home.

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Clarification of concepts: 

The teachers are vigilant to identify the weaknesses of the students. You can only read Arabic language when your concepts are clear. You cannot read the Quran unless you identify and pronounce the words. Some alphabets have similar sounds or shapes. It makes children confuse to recognize them. The online Quran teachers understand this situation and help the students to recognize each Arabic alphabet by referring to Noorani Qaida.

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Support from teacher:

The one-on-one online Quran classes are delivered via Skype by incorporating engaging teaching methods. Moreover, teachers help the students by providing additional study related material like e-books, Hadith books, and references to clear the concepts of students. This additional study material is useful for students learning translation, memorization, Tajweed, Tafseer, or Ijazah courses. ...

Professional teaching style:

The communication gap is a leading cause of poor understanding level. Sometimes teachers do not understand the physiological behavior of students. The students also demand leniency while teaching them. The professional bespeaks from the attitude of the teacher. The teacher must be expert enough to know where strictness is required and where leniency is necessary.

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Full grip of the subject:

Every teacher is not a master of Tajweed rules. The online female Quran tutorshave a full grip on Tajweed rules. They are also experts in 10 Qiraat styles. The application of Tajweed rules makes the recitation of the Quran eloquent and correct. Similarly, you need surveillance of a good teacher to learn the rules and female Quran teachers are fulfilling their duties very well.

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To put in a nutshell, we cannot ignore the benefits of learning the Quran under the supervision of female Quran teachers. Not only little girls but also little boys feel comfortable learning the Quran with female Quran teacher. Now it is your responsibility to find a good source for teaching the Quran to your kids. You will feel a difference in the learning attitude of your kids.