June 18, 2021

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What is the significance of visitor receptionist software?

After the year 2020, now in many countries, offices are started again and people are now working from the office. Various offices and schools, all across the world are reopening and it’s very important for the businesses to ensure the safety of their staff or visitors. So, many offices are implementing various visitor management systems to limit the number of people inside the premises for maintaining social distancing. Hence, in this article, we are telling you the significance of visitor receptionist software.

  1. Digital screening by questionnaires

To make sure every worker or visitor entering your building is in a fit condition, screening is an important thing to do. There are questionnaires and a body checking system also. The software simplifies the data collection process. The receptionists can input the data of visitors quickly to the system and the visitors can fill in the questionnaires from the tablet computer available on the welcome desk. Hence, doing so will let your patron fill in their data from their Mobile Phone and also reduce unnecessary queues.

  • Improve the social distancing protocol

For making the social distancing protocols more proficient, using visitor management software is a good idea. With the help of reception screen software, the visitors can be easily tracked within the premises. If the capacity is more than allowed, then the receptionist can direct the visitor to wait at the reception area or arrange their visit schedule for the next day.

  • Automatically store the visitor data

VMS tools in the reception area can print ID cards with a barcode. When the code will be scanned by the staff, then the visitor data will be displayed. It will automatically provide the photograph, visit records, as well as the health condition of the card owner or a visitor. The ID card is helpful in simplifying the visitor registration on their next visit. They don’t have to register the same individual over and over again. Additionally, the questionnaire is also useful as contact tracing if the guest turns out COVID-19 positive.

  • Automatic notifications

This software is also known for sending a notification automatically to employees when the guests have arrived. With already recorded data and questionnaires, the process of visitor registration runs promptly. The system sends notifications through SMS, push notifications, email, and WhatsApp messages.  On the other hand, the software also helps the employees in preparing various things promptly such as presentation tools, meeting rooms, and many more.

  • Easy reservations

Visitor receptionist software also makes it easy for everyone to handle visiting schedules. The front office staff can schedule meeting times on the system calendar, the purpose of visiting, filling in the visitor’s data, sending the questionnaires to the guests via email, and others.

# Final Words Hence, in the new normal, to avoid getting infected from COVID-19 it is very vital to obey the safety protocols. Offices or workplaces are one of those places where lots of visitors, as well as staff engagement occur. So, installing visitor receptionist software will help in many ways. Therefore, hopefully by reading this post, you will surely understand the significance of the visitor receptionist system.