September 21, 2023

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What is ASO and Why it’s Important?

What is ASO and Why it's important

While you are developing a Smartphone application, you should have a plan for ASO (App Store Optimization). Because taking care of ASO you can give your app the best chance to be visible to your users. You should not ignore app store optimization for any reason. Here on this post, we have discussed what is ASO and why it’s important, and a few tips to do a better ASO for your app.

So, let’s dive in …

What is ASO and Why it’s Important?

You should have known about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is for websites, on the other hand, ASO ( app store optimization) is for mobile apps based on the app stores.

The main purpose of this optimization is to improve the visibility of a mobile app in an app store E.g. Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS, Windows Store for Windows Phone, and BlackBerry World for BlackBerry phone.

More specifically, ASO helps apps ranks easily via keyword search in the store and pushes the app into top charts. And, when the app at the top of the charts, more likely it will get more downloads.

This is why ASO is very important. All you need to follow a few instructions wisely and smartly. If you can do that your app will be as visible as possible to your potential users via app search on the store.

5 Things You should care about to Improve ASO

When your app development is finished and only one step left to upload and publish the app on the stores. Here below are the 5 steps you need to follow to improve ASO for the app.

App Name

Choosing the app name may seem simple but for real it’s not! Choosing the right name can increase app downloads dramatically. So try to find a unique, brandable, and easy to remember name into the title, also try to include a related keyword or two. Because apps with a keyword included in the app title having a 10.3% higher ranking than those without. 

App Description 

After the name the description comes and to optimize the app description you need to do Keywords Research and find some popular related keywords to your app. Once you found some keywords, put them in the app description naturally, make sure it makes sense and DO NOT stuff it with keywords ever.

You’ll find short and long descriptions where short description is limited up to 80 characters and the long description is up to 4000 characters. Use a vibrant and charming short sentence for the short description and describe the app, its features, and benefits in the long description.

App Logo

Your app logo is one of the first elements of your app that users see first and while the logo is outstanding it grabs user’s attention. So make a strong first impression via the app logo. Don’t ignore this fact anyhow. It’s essential to make a strong first impression that expresses your app’s quality and purpose.

App Category  

First, select a primary category that clearly best describes the main function of your app. Your app might qualify for more than one category. To make sure, do some research into which one is searched more and then go for it. 

App Screenshots 

The last important thing you should take care of is that the app screenshots. Your app store screenshots should be exciting, meaningful, well-designed, and not boring. Most users check the screenshots first to understand the app’s quality and purpose in the long run. So, take the screenshots, do some editing using Photoshop, and make them gorgeous. You may also add a short demo video focusing on the app’s purpose and benefits. 

Some Additional Tips to Boost ASO

Here below are some of the tasks you can do to boost the ASO and get more downloads, ratings, and reviews to your app.

  • Try paid advertising, it might be “search ads” on the store, “social ads” or through other advertising companies online. You can find easily searching on google, some of them have also a free trial to test the promotion.
  • You can create some social media profiles with your app link in it and share your app-related content. Join related communities and forums, share your thought with others, share your app URL when you get someone who might get help from the app.
  • Ask your nearest people to try the app and recommend others.
  • Reach out to the online bloggers, tell them about your app’s purpose and benefits, then ask them to review your app.
  • Use a referral or affiliate program. Give a little of your earnings to your existing users through this system to encourage them to drive more users.

There is much more you can do to promote your app along with good ASO. However, how far I have described that’s enough to get things to roll on. So, take care of every element of your app to get the most!