December 5, 2022

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What do SEO companies actually do?

What is SEO?

In the business world, utilizing an SEO company is one of the primary sources you will most likely invest in to maximize your business prospects.  Essentially an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is when you utilize a search engine like Google and your business or brand appears within the first few options. The intended function of adopting an SEO is to maximize your online presence to potential clients.

How Does it Work?

When people type keywords into the search engine you are then provided with website options to click on. By outsourcing to an SEO agency you can ensure they will provide algorithms so that your business or brand can appear within the first clickable page, which is ideally where you want to appear, as many people are unlikely to scroll through the next pages when searching.

This is backed up by statistics that deduced that being on the first google page search could account for 19.3% of potential customers clicking and how at least 75% of people were unlikely to browse past the first page.[1]

This is why you would ideally want to be featured on the front page, even if it means spending cash to outsource to the SEO company. Ultimately the increase in online traffic would certainly make up for the costs of their service.

The Benefits of SEO for your business

The more your brand is advertised, the more likely potential customers will be drawn to your website which would boost your revenue sales.

An SEO agency maximise potential customers by providing the following in order to boost online traffic to your website;

  • Analyzing various keywords and trends when researching.
  • Providing a web page layout that is easy to navigate.
  • Loading webpage as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  • Targeting relevant audiences for your business needs.
  • Local SEO searches.
  • Website development and construction as an effective option.

How Much Will it Cost My Business?

The cost of utilizing an SEO company cannot really be categorised by a particular sum, as it will vary depending on how much time you require their services for and what your ultimate business goals are. One of the professional SEO representatives would discuss this with you. It is possible that hourly rates can range from $76 to $150 hourly and then between $1,000-$4,000 monthly.[2]

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Where to Begin Looking For SEO Companies?

As there are an abundance of SEO companies in the country, ideally you want to do a little research beforehand so that you can find a suitable company that will meet your needs. You may want to discuss areas that you would like to cover initially or what they can provide for your business before parting with cash.

You could ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you looking to just increase online traffic to your website?
  • Would you like clients to find you in order to boost your rating and general reviews?
  • Do you want to increase local SEO searches, so boosting your local rating within the business community?

Also it might be worthwhile to consider the following when searching for an appropriate SEO company.

Will they provide;

  • Local SEO searches.
  • On-page optimization (whereby your business can increase in search rankings, so higher up the list)
  • Off- page optimization (which involves your brand being mentioned on another website, without use of a hyperlink) 
  • Providing social bookmarking (which is when a user can save a website page of yours for viewing later at their leisure)
  • Google optimization.
  • Blog posting.
  • Article submissions.
  • Regular reporting.

These are all key but necessary factors you will want to consider when searching for an SEO company.

The SEO Market

Currently, the biggest SEO companies in the US are considered to be the following.

  1. First Page Sage
  2. Boostability
  3. Duffy Agency
  4. ReachLocal
  5. eStore Factory
  6. Epsilon
  7. Marketing Eye
  8. Clay Agency
  9. Aumcore
  10. NP Source

Though interestingly thetop 10 SEO companies in the US vary to the list that establishes the largest ones. The following are considered to be the best top 10 in terms of service and effectiveness.

  1. WebFX
  2. Mayple

3.         Lounge Lizard

4.   Smart Sites

Overall it is always worthwhile looking into reviews and ratings first before you establish a long time term contract with the first SEO company that you stumble upon. The more expensive rates do not necessarily mean a better quality of work.

[1]Search Engine Statistics 2021 –

[2]How Much Does it Cost to Hire an SEO Specialist? | Upwork

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