December 2, 2022

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What are Divorce Real Estate Leads and How They are Beneficial

The divorce lead list is one of the most valuable but less utilized lead lists for real estate investors, agents and related services. This can be a great source of profit, with less competition, while providing high-value services for others. But where to find them? What exact benefits do they offer? Let’s find that out in this blog.

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Why Seek Out Divorce Leads?

Divorce filing lists, just like bankruptcy and foreclosure lists, show a sign of distress and they probably need your help as a real estate investor. This applies whether you are wholesaling real estate, flipping housing, or lending your private capital.  

Separation and divorce sparks multiple housing needs. The people involved are usually highly motivated and calls for fast action. Some people may get separated from the previous shared family. That person needs to buy or rent something else. In many cases, there is a need to sell a house, and both parties need to find other housing. If there are adult children, may be they need housing solutions as well. Thus only one lead can be converted into a variety of opportunities to help people and get fair compensation.

Why is it Always Better to Sell Your House in Divorce?

Many people in divorce may be fighting for their house. They’ve put in a lot of investment and want to get something in return. Or, the home may have a lot of importance for them. However, despite these factors, it is almost always better to sell the house quickly.

Even if you win the house, it will cost you a lot. You have to give up a lot of things. Then it may not be affordable. Just to find a memory than left pain, this doesn’t sound like a good idea. The property is often a financial and emotional burden. Instead, you can sell the house quickly and make more money.

Who Should You Contact?

As a real estate investor, in the case of divorce, you can contact any party, or their attorneys. If a divorce lawyer is already involved, he can provide legal guidance on the content of the actual sales. If you can reach the property owner before they file for divorce, you will have more flexibility and options.

How to Use the Divorce List to Find Real Estate Leads

The situation is obviously very delicate in divorces. This never is just a chance game, where you can squeeze the homeowner to sell cheap. This is the opportunity to help them. This is an opportunity for providing them with services and value.

You can get a property at fair price, but you may need to minimize pressures and quarrels to make your transactions work. You have to be careful when contacting them. You don’t want to knock on the door to announce that you know that they are divorced in front of the children who may not know it. Mail, text and email may be best. Telephone and social media can also work.

How to Find Divorce Leads

Divorce notices are usually published in the local newspaper. You can find these online and in print. Divorce and family attorneys can be a great source for recommendations of these leads. However, if you are looking for consistent number of divorce leads in Boston and high ROI, you can always get that from us. Our authentic and genuine collection of divorce real estate leads is sure to help you make a great deal of profit and as a real estate investor, you get the opportunity to help people in distress.