September 21, 2023

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What 2021 Changes May Affect Your Partner Visa 300 Application?

What 2021 Changes May Affect Your Partner Visa 300 Application?

Were you planning a destination wedding in Australia? Are you aware of the Partner Visa 300 updates? Save yourself the trouble of unending research work. Read on to get a quick preview of the Prospective Marriage Visa, 2021 updates, and possible effects. This will help you to understand the prospects better. In case of persistent doubts, consult a registered migration agent Perth or Adelaide to get better updates.

Opting for an Australian Partner Visa

A person with the intention of marrying an Australian partner is allowed temporary residence on acquiring a partner visa. It is also known as Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300. The prospective partner must sponsor the applicant to be eligible for the partner visa subclass 300. Once granted, the two must be married within the visa validity period. The Australian Ministry of Immigration issues the Prospective Marriage Visa. The stay duration allowed is for nine months.

What does a Partner Visa 300 allow?

The subclass 300 prospective marriage visa is for anyone above 18 years of age. It also allows an applicant to study while on the visa to study. However, the education expenses will be one’s own. Read on to know more about what a partner visa entails.

  • Unlimited travel outside Australia is allowed until visa validity lasts
  • Studying and Working in Australia till the visa validity holds
  • Visiting and Staying in Australia until the visa period

Eligibility Criteria for a Prospective Marriage Visa

The criteria for both applicants and sponsors are mentioned below;

Applicant Eligibility

  • The applicant has to be aged 18 years or more
  • The location of the applicant should be outside Australia while filing an application
  • She/he should be outside Australia when being granted the partner visa
  • One must meet the relationship criteria as per the visa conditions
  • The applicant must be sponsored by their potential partners
  • One must meet the pre-decided health and character requirements
  • It is also important to be free of any outstanding payments/debts to the Australian government

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Sponsor Eligibility

  • One must be the prospective partner of the applicant
  • One must not hold or have held (in the past) certain visas

Document Requirements

Applications for a partner visa are carefully checked and issued after proper document inspection. The Visa Subclass 300 application required documentation proving/stating:

  • The validity of your nomination
  • The credibility of the marriage
  • Age validity
  • Compliance with the health and character requirements
  • Educational qualifications in case the applicant wishes to study
  • Financial capacity in case the applicant wants to pursue education in Australia
  • A signed agreement with the Australian Values System
  • Zero debt records of the applicant to the Australian government
  • Zero instances of cancelled or denied visa activities in the past

Sponsor Responsibilities

The sponsor is going to be held responsible by the Australian government, in case;

  • An applicant has outstanding payments/debts to be made to the Australian government
  • The applicant is found non-compliant towards employment rules and regulations while working in Australia
  • Applicant is found guilty of disregard towards the visa conditions

Partner Visa 2021 Update

2021 saw significant changes as announced by the Australian government. Some changes are temporary, and some are permanent. The intensity of the impact may/may not be massive for people planning on a partner visa 300. Let’s dive in for a proper analysis on the same.

  1. Step-wise Visa Approval– Previously, the application process of acquiring a Prospective Marriage Visa involved simultaneous sponsorship and visa application submission. 2021 will see a two-step verification process. An applicant’s fiancé/fiancée has to submit the sponsorship application first. A partner visa application can only be lodged after the sponsorship is approved. There are no estimates available so far as to how long the sponsorship approval may last.

Will it affect you?

This amendment will delay the partner visa process and may affect pre-decided plans. A person has to make an additional sponsorship fee. In case you are on a visa that will get invalid soon, you need a backup plan.

  1. English Language Requirement – The government has set English language knowledge as a requirement for applicants lodging for a partner visa 300. This requirement is necessary to prove that the applicant possesses functional English skills. The government further adds that this is a boost to migrant safety in Australia. It might aid a migrant to escape abuse, bullying, and discrimination successfully.

The migrants failing to meet the required English score can opt for an alternative as well. This involves finishing off 500 hours of free classes through the Adult Migration English Program (AMEP). If a candidate shows reasonable attempts at learning English, they will be considered for the partner visa grant.

Will it affect you?

This will affect people with essential responsibilities/commitments such as employment or child-related duties. Taking up 500 hours of English classes is going to pose a real challenge for them.

  1. Offshore Relief – The latest changes include permission to applicants to reside in Australia while applying for the visa, unlike before. This is a relief as applicants don’t have to fly down to places outside Australia before lodging the partner visa 300 application. The government has also increased the number of application allocations.

Will it affect you?

It is a positive change for partners since more allocation indicates faster verification. Onshore applicant acceptance saves a lot of costs as well. Less travelling is ensured and thus, Covid-safety is guaranteed.

Professional assistance is necessary

It is always suggested to consult a professional agent in case of visa queries. In light of the current situation, it is helpful to have a licensed migration agent by your side. If you are curious about Perth, consulting a visa consultant Perth might make it very easy for you. A local agent is equipped with valuable information and can guide you correctly. So, get hold of your migration consultant Perth and get all the desired information in this regard. Right from preparing the visa application to getting it approved, the experts will be there with you at every step.