June 26, 2022

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VPN No Logs: What Are The Best Solutions?

The Internet is an excellent tool for communicating, sharing information, having fun etc. Unfortunately its use is not without risks. That’s why you have to have a VPN, but not just any one. To ensure foolproof anonymity, it must be committed not to keep logs. What does this mean exactly and what does it imply? These are questions that we will answer in the following, so that you find the best no logs top vpn for mac.

Keeping logs


The question that many of you must be asking yourself is: what is a log? and how to find the best no logs VPN?

For non-English speakers, logs are what we can call “event log” in French . It is a register containing the details of all your actions carried out.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can usually see a lot of what you do on the Internet. And he invariably keeps detailed logs of this information. When you use a VPN, your ISP can no longer see what you are doing on the internet. However, your VPN provider now has access to the same information as your ISP.

This is why you should be interested in the policy of your Virtual Private Network provider if you want to find the best no logs VPN.

Regulations in force

Virtual Private Network providers are legal companies that provide data security services and ensure your anonymity on the Internet.

Therefore, they must respect the applicable laws put in place by the local government so that they can continue to practice normally. Thus in Europe, there is a law on data retention and it is governed by Directive 2006/24 / EC. It allows the competent authorities to collect, on request, the personal information of VPN users.

Among the various advantages of VPN are no logs VPNs. These will ensure you do not keep any record of your activities. Even if your government were to request information, the supplier would not be able to provide it, which is okay with us!

But beware, this notion is only valid for certain suppliers. These are the ones based in countries that have declared this directive unconstitutional (if the provider is based in Europe).

This is for example the case of Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Serbia and Luxembourg, among others. If your provider is based in one of these countries, then it has a good chance of being considered one of the best no logs VPNs.

Europe is really renowned for being very keen on this type of legislation, which is why it seemed important to us to detail the whole.

Virtual Private Network providers based outside Europe are legion. These really are considered the best no logs VPNs. We can for example cite countries like Japan, Argentina, Hong-Kong, Ukraine, Panama …


Many think, wrongly, that a no logs VPN will not store any information about you. This is indeed totally false.

Because what is considered as logs in this case is the history of your activities on the platform. Each provider, whether the best no-log VPN or not, is still going to have to keep information about you.

Indeed they keep some information such as your email address, your username or your password. Logical if you want to be able to be identified on their Virtual Private Network platform .

The best no logs VPNs

Most VPN companies aren’t huge. In order to offer servers located around the world, they rent servers from server suppliers. Even if a VPN provider claims to be no logs, the companies that own these servers risk keeping information.

This is why, to choose the best no logs VPN, you must take into account the influence of the provider. This makes it possible to understand if it is 100% master of its infrastructure and does not depend on a third party.

All the no logs VPNs that we have selected in this article have been chosen in this sense. So you will not have to fear.


The best no logs VPN according to the VPNActu.fr editorial staff is ExpressVPN. It keeps minimal anonymous usage statistics but these do not include a time stamp or IP address, so your activities will be kept secret.

He has the big advantage of being based in Hong Kong, a country in which the government has little or no involvement in corporate affairs. You will therefore have nothing to fear from the little information stored by the supplier.

We consider it the best no logs VPN because it also has a complete offer: whether in terms of speed or customer support (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). You can even enjoy it for free for 30 days, without conditions, thanks to its satisfied or refunded guarantee.


Next is Romania-based provider CyberGhost. As we explained in our article, Romania (despite the fact that it is part of Europe) did not want to apply the European directive.

So this makes the provider very interesting in your quest for the best no logs VPNs. Because it also has a very lenient log retention policy. No activity carried out through its secure tunnels will be kept!

But that’s not all. CyberGhost can rely on an easy-to-use app while being very well presented, making it a great choice for iOS VPN. Also, it uses very strong encryption (AES 256 bits), and allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously on a single subscription.


To close this chapter of the best no logs VPNs, we couldn’t miss NordVPN.

The Panamanian supplier undertakes not to keep and analyze your private data, online activities and browsing history. On top of that, like the two competitors mentioned above, the supplier is based in an optimal country, Panama.

The country and its government are well known for their discretion and the freedom they leave to local businesses, you will be completely anonymous and peaceful.

But that’s not NordVPN’s only asset, far from it. You will be able to rely on an extraordinary server network (more than 4000 servers available), state-of-the-art security and you will even be able to protect up to 6 devices at the same time.