September 21, 2023

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Top Trending Video Marketing Platforms in 2021

The value of using videos as a part of your content marketing strategy of your business is not really overemphasised. Approximately 50% of today’s internet search engine queries are simply video requests linked to particular resources or goods. If video marketing is also not still a big part of the marketing campaign of your label, it certainly needs to be.

But there is a huge distinction between only sharing a video and encouraging a video to reach the targeted audience. Getting able to sell your video content correctly will help you develop your business in ways that are just not feasible with free hosting sites like YouTube.

Discover our picks to remind your quest for the best video advertising channels available today!

1.      VIDYARD

If you are really trying to take your ideal video marketing campaign to the next level, together in terms of production and analytics software, Vidyard can help you a lot to give. One of the aspects regarding this video marketing tool that strikes out most is that every strategy is entirely customizable. This ensures that you can select which functions you prefer so that you don’t pay for something you don’t want to use.

There is a lot to admire about Vidyard, from customized players and simple user analysis to e-mail limiters and all in between. This tool also provides A/B checking on video thumbnails, making it simpler for you to decide which iteration of a video your product is likely to work better.

2.      WE VIDEO

WeVideo is worth a check if you are searching for an effective and easy video production platform that often facilitates cooperation with other participants of the creative team. To create your videos look genuinely professional, this website provides access to further than a million royalty-free video tracks, music clips, photos, and much more. Personalization, meanwhile, is a snap with tools that make quick transformations, animation effects, calls-to-action, and even green screens possible.

3.      WISTIA

Wistia is among the top contender when it arrives to video marketing services that rely on lead conversion. Wistia provides a wide variety of analytical and marketing functionality that you cannot miss, in comparison to its simple and modern video production GUI. For instance, among the most interesting features you can experience with a Wista profile is the “Turnstiles” function that enables you to encourage a viewer to display or continue viewing a video by entering his or her account details or other contact details. When you wish to switch your video visitors into useful leads, this is an interesting option.

In respect of analytics and news, Wistia still has plenty to say. It is simple to read and comprehend individual papers, even though your expertise in the video marketing area is minimal.

4.      POWTOON

Still getting a bit confused by the actual method of video making? Powtoon is worth your interest if you’re searching for a forum that can actually guide you through and phase of making your film. On this website, there are also several pre-made models and sample videos to experiment with, making it simple for you to obtain the glance and tone you wish for your video despite putting a lot of work into it. Powtoon also makes it easy to directly export and post to YouTube until you’re satisfied with your video; hence one has one less issue to contend with!

Although Powtoon’s monitoring and analytics might not be as comprehensive as a few of the other channels on this chart, if you wish to create video production as easy as possible, this choice is still worthwhile to look into.

5.      VIMEO

Vimeo could be valuable to look at if your company is on a small marketing budget. Along with its free profile alternative, this platform provides many video editing functions, as well as some simple metrics that can arrive in handy when your product is just starting up with the video marketing campaign.

The user-friendly GUI of Vimeo makes it easy to make beautiful videos from the comfort of your screen or even a handheld device. You can then post, upload and release your videos immediately on your own website or sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Other social media.


There are several video marketing channels to pick from these times, as you can watch out. Ultimately, the solution that is correct for you will be based on a variety of variables, along with the advertising budget of your business, your level of video production experience/familiarity, and the unique analytical features you are searching for.

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