September 21, 2023

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Top Trending Apps to Watch Anime

Japanese cartoons have raised non-stop in prominence and further even some TV shows have cited certain anime. We’ve picked the best applications to stream anime shows on your Android or even iOS smartphone if you’re interested to learn more about what these animes are, if you have known someone who really loves them, or in fact if you’re searching into them for a significant one. Find them out below!

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The first choice for watching anime among the applications is truly spectacular. Amazon Prime Video is an exciting subscription service that has been created in recent days by the biggest e-commerce firm. You can find an overwhelming amount of material on its page, from film and TV shows to manga, and a wide range of creative content.


Crunchyroll, attached with a service style somewhat similar to Netflix, but focusing in Japanese anime, is among the best choices when it falls to streaming anime. You can consider several classic choices in its collection, including such One Piece with Naruto, along with more recent animes, like Yuri on Ice and My Hero Academy. Crunchyroll is available for a paid subscription programme, but you could enjoy a 14-day free streaming if you’re visiting for the first time. To get to the access, check this link and read more about what it provides!

3.      NETFLIX

While it is especially based on films and TV shows, Netflix can generally be viewed as among the best anime-watching applications, as it comprises a lot of this category in its wide catalogue. With some incredibly well-known choices, like “One Punch Man and Bleach”, the network has added this style of animation to its catalogue. And there are a few Netflix sequels, as you would imagine.

4.      HIDIVE

HIDIVE is another amazing choice for you to stream all your favourite anime. It does not have the largest number of choices that you can select to watch, but because there are only certain anime movies and series, you may find certain substitutes that you can’t. You’ll easily watch all the shows and movies on the main page that are popular, along with being able to utilize the top search bar to, well, check. Its main drawback is that its GUI is minimal and not very convenient to use.

5.      CONtv

CONtv is a reasonably decent choice where you would not just find cartoons, but also enjoy a lot of comics. Its library is incredibly broad, with all kinds of anime genres, and it is among the best applications you can find for streaming movies.

Using its incredibly basic gui, it is definitely one of the best applications for viewing anime. It is freely accessible to use, however has a paid edition where you could watch Chromecast anytime, but even remove commercials and also enable a lot of additional content.


Even if we’re thinking about a collection of anime viewing applications, a strongly linked exception may be found to be Rakuten Viki. In its catalogue, it does not deliver any kind of animation, but this subscription service specialises in broadcasting TV shows, films, and daily soap operas throughout Asia.

Here, for example, you can quickly find several of K-dramas, a genre that has become extremely popular in fact on Netflix. If you are a lover of anime, but want to broaden a little, this is a fantastic choice.


Another outstanding anime video platform, accessible combined on Android and as well on iOS, is Funimation. You can stream it absolutely for free, but you’ll have to contend with certain commercials here and there in this situation. To uninstall them and get access to all sorts of additional anime and unique content, you could even opt to pay for just a monthly subscription.

It should be remembered that Funimation, referred to as the key Japanese cartoon retailers in the US, is known as the official broadcast outlet for some anime. In order to get access to certain of the most famous games, like Attack on Titan with My Hero Academia, they are interesting enough to check out.

8.      HULU

Ultimately, we have Hulu, an amazing choice among the best anime-watching software. It shows a lot of other entertainments than those produced in Japan, which is by far among Netflix’s biggest rivals.

While you’ll have to live with advertisements, you can stream it for free, or you can opt to bill for a fee to avoid them. If you could use it, then grab it for your Android or maybe iOS right now!


While there aren’t many alternatives, anime and Asian TV applications have such a wide variety of content that you can’t watch all in a lifetime.

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