May 18, 2022

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Top 4 Trending App Store Optimization Ideas for 2021

App Store Optimization is sometimes also referred to as ASO or App Store SEO. ASO has quickly gained the centre stage within the overall marketing strategy of every business, which wants to gain visibility. Today, the higher the number of organic downloads of an app, the more successful it can be. The more the number of downloads for an app, the higher the revenue for any business. While it may be important, not all businesses are able to keep up with the changing trends in ASO strategies. An app store optimization company can help the business achieve faster results.

A well-known app store optimization company lists down some of the latest trends in ASO for this year.

Target Keywords

Today, marketers need to focus on the relevant keywords to enable users to easily find their app. This is when they can make the most of the keyword field and ensure they use keywords appropriately. The keywords should be designed to represent the overall features of the app along with many unique benefits. It is best to avoid repetition of keywords within the app name. The best-suggested alternative to spaces is comma for separating words. This enables ranking for individual keywords and also combinations.

Feedback and Ratings

Businesses need to increasingly focus on feedbacks or reviews from users along with ratings on the app stores. These two aspects define the success of any app and impact the overall search rankings. It can also heavily influence the conversion rate of any app. To get a good ranking and review, businesses need to build a good reputation and image among the consumers. While doing so, a business should also aim for regular testing of the app for any bugs to ensure enhanced user experience.

Visual Assets

One of the core aspects of ASO (App Store Optimization) is visual assets. The text within an app may be important, but it is equally important to focus on the visual assets to enhance the conversion rates. These include the icon, graphic features, images etc. within the app. While doing so, it is important to not overcrowd the app with too many graphics. While keeping it creative, the app should appear simple and easy to use. Users are always on the lookout for convenience, so the app should aim for improved navigation.


The Amazon app in India is far different from how it appears in the US. This is because of the objective of localization with which the app is designed. It enables the app to target the local population and ensure a larger customer base. Customising local user requirements in an app can fetch a far greater user base as compared to generalizing the app for all users.

Optimising the app can have greater chances of having higher rankings and downloads on the app store.  ASO can significantly improve the app’s visibility and attract more traffic. Increased conversions can result in higher sales for a business. As competition in the app space increases, every business must make the most of ASO strategies. As this keeps constantly evolving, businesses need to keep pace with the same and ensure regular analysis for improved app performance. Hiring the best digital marketing company can also help the business achieve faster results.