September 21, 2023

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Top 12 Personal Firewalls For Cellphones and Computers



Imminency of security threats is assured, given the abundance of applications and hackers at large. No wonder users often ask about the ultimate ways to configure their devices against any looming security threats. Threats can be of multiple types such as worms, trojan horses, internal and external, etc. In the same way, users tend to install antivirus solutions on their devices to address any impending security threats. But would they still wonder if antivirus is the ultimate solution, effective enough to challenge all those threats?

This is why added firewall solutions in the devices mostly do the trick. Not to mention antivirus software only helps protect the file system against uninvited apps on the devices. On the flip side, a firewall helps keep external threats from getting access to users’ systems.

Thus, to protect your devices from cyber attacks and malware, surrounding extra layer of protection is immensely necessary. On the contrary to antivirus, a firewall ensures comprehensive security protection against possible online threats lingering around. In addition to firewalls, they provide privacy protection too.

What Is a Firewall Anyway?

A software that helps blocks unauthorized access to a network. Firewalls examine inbound and outbound, meaning incoming and outgoing traffic identify the possible security threats among them, and stop them immediately. Besides, numerous firms and professional/unprofessional individuals use firewall apps to protect their data and private information from major/minor threats. Apparently, more useful in the digital world of hacking and data theft. Not to mention it has an immense effect on modern security techniques.

As a developer, you might wonder about the cost of developing an app such as a firewall app which varies on many levels. It depends on the number of security features you want to embed in your firewall app.

Top 5 Uses of Firewall:

  1. Blocks the passage of uninvited content.
  2. Blocks unauthorized remote access.
  3. Prevents impolite content.
  4. Promises security based on protocol and IP addresses.
  5. Blocks harmful content from entering the systems.


In this digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous? – Al Gore – Former Vice President of the United States 

Let’s face it – much has already been saying about cyber security and how important it is to protect our data from intruders. Hence firewalls are the solution to adopt.

In this article, we’ve pulled together the Top 12 personal firewalls for your mobile phones and computers.

Let’s explore them!

1 – BullGuard

An advanced firewall for your computers – striking and affordable. BullGuard offers a wide range of security and privacy solutions. It has been around since 2001 and works for your Windows, macOS, and Android devices too. So get BullGuard if you have any of those devices. Its device-specific features tend to protect your devices from hideous malware effectively. In addition, wide-spectrum security features fill any loopholes in your unsafe device and make it further 100% secure.

Key Features of BullGuard:

  • Advanced virus detection using machine learning.
  • In-built secure browser for secure internet surfing.
  • Notify of untrusted and suspicious websites.
  • Provide high-performance gaming assisted with high-end security.
  • In-depth scanning for installing and future apps.
  • Blocks viruses from entering the systems, thus, guaranteeing protection.
  • Parental control to keep a watch over your child’s internet surfing.
  • And plenty more.

2 – NoRoot Firewall

An excellent firewall app for your Android devices and an extremely light-weighted app, so do not worry about large storage consumption. NoRoot Firewall delivers a clean and seamless interface that allows you complete control of internet access of all your apps. Besides, these sorts of apps require root access to the device. But luckily, NoRoot Firewall requires no root, as the name says it for itself. This app protects your android device and personal information from being sent to the internet without your authorization. NoRoot Firewall works simple, just hit allow or deny button on each internet surfing. On the bright side, it’s completely free and available on Google Play Store.

Key Features of NoRoot Firewall:

  • No device root is required.
  • Simple interface – Easy to use.
  • Minimal permissions with no location and no phone number.
  • Enable you toallow any app from accessing the internet.
  • Helps restrict background data usage.

3 – Comodo Firewall

It has both; a paid and a free version. Comodo Firewall works effectively to safeguard your PC from security threats. Its easy configuration is straightforward and gets you started in no time. Additionally, an attractive, user-friendly interface makes it even more interesting to mess around with its features, by the way, when amateurs can handle its navigation just fine. A cloud-based analysis system detects that helps malware promptly. Comodo Firewall has gaming mode features that hide operations that could potentially affect a user’s gaming experience, namely, notifications, virus updates, and more. It handles all automatically. More importantly, one of its core features is that it assumes unknown apps malicious unless proven innocent.

Key Features of Comodo Firewall:

  • An intuitive user interface notifies you all from system safe status to unsafe status.
  • Stops virus from entering the system.
  • Ensures only flawless PC safe apps execution.
  • Ask user’s approval on any unknown and risky program’ installation.
  • Personalized alerts feature.
  • Cloud-based allow listing – help easy identification of a safe file and vendor.
  • Allows users to lockdown their PC’ so that only known and safe apps can execute.
  • And there is even more it!

4 – TinyWall

TinyWall is a secure firewall for Windows, completely free to use. And it’s lightweight – not to mention the installation package weights only around 1 Megabyte. It protects your system from all sorts of security threats. TinyWall also has a user-friendly interface – which is odd for lightweight software. In addition, TinyWall lets your work attentively without being intruded on by pop-ups. It has a simple configuration process for any to set without any hassle. It needs no drivers or kernel-components installation, which puts a minimum load on the pc, thus making the system stable more than ever.

Key Features of TinyWall:

  • After installation, it peacefully works in the background without spoiling your attention.Therefore, you should try TinyWall if you are looking for something quieter in the environment without notifying you plenty.
  • It cannot be easily terminated even by the task manager. You can only eliminate its interface but not its core firewall functions in the background.
  • Sets system port in hide mode, making it invisible to the hacker.
  • TinyWall allows notification for only the user’s approved software.
  • It prevents malicious programs from altering the settings of the Windows Firewall.

5 –NetGuard

Another Android firewall app that needs no root, just like the NoRoot Firewall app mentioned above. NetGuard delivers advanced and straightforward methods to ban apps from accessing the internet. Not to mention allows users to set allow or deny access to the internet for each app. In addition to NetGuard, it reduces data usage, saves phone battery, and increases privacy. This guarantees more features than any other no-root firewall app out there. In addition, it has a simple and attractive user-friendly interface that helps you navigate through its features easily.

Key Features of NetGuard:

  • Requires a built-in VPN connection before allowing any app to access the internet.
  • NetGuard manages internet access to system apps and as well filters IP packets to protect the device.
  • You can access its source code from the internet, making it an open-source app and free to use, although some of its advanced features come in the app purchase.
  • Allow you to block particular IP addresses for specific apps.

6 – NetDefender

NetDefender is an open-source firewall software – completely free with its accessible source code.This firewall works on windows, tremendously protecting your system from potential threats. Moreover, easy to use interface truly gets you started on the go.NetDefender is built using Visual Studio Code 2003 with MFC, Windows API, Filter-Hook Driver, and written in VC++ 7.1. Has a packet filtering firewall – allows you to block specific IP addresses.You can add custom rules to NetDefender as per your requirements.Customizable for many uses.Besides, it comes with a guide for any challenging situations you might need knowing its uses.

Key Features of NetDefender:

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Open source and free.
  • Customizable features.
  • Allows a user to configure rules based on their usual protocols.
  • Its port scanner helps in scanning the system more accurately for any unsafe open ports.
  • Provide you with a list of apps that are trying to access the internet.
  • Allows a user to modify its default rules.

7 – ZoneAlarm

ZoneAlarm is one of the popular firewalls out there, comes for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It helps put an end to the intrusive outside attempts on your computer. It contains several features that grip each security solution you want for your systems. ZoneAlarm detects and removes potential malware lingering around in your system. With that said, it removes viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots, etc.

It provides superior protection and is a two-in-one pack solution that is an antivirus and a firewall. Above all, ZoneAlarm stops internet attacks at the front door and also helps catch the intruder mostly. So if you are looking for one pack solution, ZoneAlarm should be your choice.

Key Features of ZoneAlarm:

  • It has stealth mode to make the port invisible to attackers.
  • Connects to other firewall tools to ensure real-time security updates once new threats are detected.
  • It helps detect traffic threats and blocks them instantly, either inbound or outbound.
  • Eliminate controls immediately and disable malicious running programs.
  • Shields your system during start-up even before all the programs are started.
  • Contains up-to-datesoftware to protect the system from new or unknown threats.
  • It has a scan mode that lets you customize your system protection.

8 – AFWall+

Unlike NetGuard and NoRoot Firewall android app, AFWall+ requires device root. If your device is already rooted, then all is good. If not, then you should root your device before using AFWall+. By the way, if you are unknown what it is and how to root the devices, you can search on the internet – the internet is full of technical helps these days. Anyhow, the AFWall+ Android app is completely free to use, and more importantly, it allows you to have better control over the device and outsource apps. Besides, it enables you to restrict apps from accessing the internet via data networks or Wi-Fi. Not all that bad. And you can control traffic with the Local Area Network (LAN). All things considered, it works tremendously on a rooted device. I should remind you when you want better control over apps and be safe from security threats for free; you should root your device and choose AFWall+.

Key Features of AFWall+:

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It’s an open-source app.
  • Let’s you configure a lot of things based on your requirements.
  • Allow you to set up multiple profiles at once and come with a widget to manage them efficiently.
  • Detailed logs and statistics of all sent or received data from your smartphone.
  • Has many languages for demographic use.

9 – Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a well-known cybersecurity software and ensures leading threat prevention and detection solution used globally. Works on multiple platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. It keeps devices safe from all new and existing online threats. Highly focused on securing your data from intruders—one of the most powerful mobile security and antivirus top-rated Google play store. Furthermore, Bitdefender encompasses many features that primarily concerns your device safe against all kind of threats. For example, it has a proven 100% virus detection rate, and the autopilot feature acts as a security consultant, suggesting security action against system requirements.

Key Features of Bitdefender:

  • Provide web or network attack protection.
  • Ensure privacy firewall.
  • Helps ensure anti-phishing, anti-theft schemes.
  • Allows you to set security rules on your devices.
  • Has a password manager feature.

10 – GlassWire

GlassWire is for Android and Windows. This firewall detects malware instantly and blocks lousy acting apps right away. But, that is not it; there is more to GlassWire. Not to mention, it allows the user to view his current and past network activity to view any unsafe behavior. In addition, GlassWire warns the user of any network-related changes that could indicate any sign of malware. Also, it allows users to set up firewall profiles for distinct situations. And lets you view detailed network usage statistics worn out by Host/IP, network traffic types, app, etc. It has indeed got you covered in managing and maintaining your system from potential threats.

Key Feature of GlassWire:

  • Ensure privacy and security features of any use cases.
  • Network data usage monitoring.
  • Personal firewall software.
  • Instantly detects a malware, spyware, and bandwidth hogsand prevents their connections right away.
  • Monitor other PCs on your network and notify you of any unknown devices.

11 – Mobiwol

Mobiwol is another Android app that needs no-root like NetGuard and NoRoot firewall. This firewall app lets you limit internet access for the device along with third-party apps. A simple configuration interface truly gets amateurs started right away by setting privacy rules for their devices. Mobiwol has other features too that help maintain your Android device smoothly. Further, it saves phone battery by reducing data usage per your data need and cutting extra data usage. In addition to Mobiwol, it secures privacy by restricting network access permission needed by apps. Blocks background app activity so that devices run faster and more effectively on current apps.

Key Features of Mobiwol:

  • Easily block and allow app connectivity.
  • Notify and ask permission for new apps access to the internet.
  • Let’s you control your mobiles apps effectively.
  • Get complete data usage visibility.
  • And many more!

12 – NetPatch

Finally, our last personal firewall app for you. Like other Android apps in this article, this too delivers all the essential features for securing your devices from possible threats. It includes managing internet access to each app – whether they should access the internet or; decided by you, of course. Also, it’s an advanced firewall app for Android that requires no root. You can also block any network access such as apps, Hostname, and IPs. Moreover, it’s the only Android app that supports custom rules fully. Finally, its adequate privacy protection truly shapes your android device unreachable from all those persistent security threats.

Key Features of NetPatch:

  • It helps plan and reduce data usage, as a result, saves phone battery.
  • Blocks network access per individual apps.
  • Has import and export configuration.
  • View all the network logs.
  • Allows you to create multiple IP and domain groups.

Wrap Up

Plentiful threats lie in a network constantly tricking systems into gaining access. But thankfully, we have firewalls intact to challenge those harmful threats from entering our systems. From popular on-demand delivery solution to other apps and enterprises uses a firewall to ensure complete safety in the systems.

Without walls and a dog, our homes are not safe with the intruders on the loose. The same goes for our computers and PCs, which need a dog and walls; firewalls fill that gap.

Let’s face it: without these firewall solutions, we might not as well have 100% secure systems intact. All of these apps mentioned above can truly help us secure our smartphones and PCs more effectively than ever.

Author Bio:

Hamza Iqbal, Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.