December 3, 2023

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The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of 2021

With 2020 being at the forefront of progression when it comes to technology, a number of cryptocurrencies has been made available for different traders in this year and a lot of investors have now a lot of options for different financial investment objectives.

A lot of people do not know that cryptocurrencies are a wise investment for novice traders, especially for CFD. While most would further develop as crypto traders, CFD makes it possible to look into these underlying assets that you can speculate and many have seen crypto has a great venture by investing energy and making sure that you have strengthened your security.

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Safe to say, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency today and is the more widely familiar type for novice or casual traders. Mainly higher in price compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is mostly considered the go to type and has climbed in price at a very significant rate for the past few months and can roughly be estimated to reach at least $20,000 in 2020.

Given that the recession, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has boosted the Bitcoin price, a lot of investors see this as an opportunity to invest as the price may increase some more. The main thing to realize in investing in it is that it is the most elevated in terms of liquidity in the crypto world which is already reason enough to purchase as a novice. This high liquidity and an upward trend can also be a great asset to invest in based on CFD.


Started in China, NEO is the first-ever open-source digital money in the country and is practically considered as the Chinese form of Bitcoin. As it turns out, this can function similar to Bitcoin but has been deemed as illegal in China. NEO is an upheld smart contract system that is open-source available in blockchain technology. The NEO system has its own genuine resources and digitizes liquidity and a very accomplished for computerized resources.

Titan Coin (TTN)

one of the recent coins generated  that a few traders would usually think about, has been merited with an appraisal for its great potential of utilization of blockchain technology. At the start, TTN seemed like it resembled other digital money that is usually utilized for making secure, quick and simple cross-border installments and can be used at every vendor or sit that recognizes the coin. Titan Coin includes a security and effectiveness present in usual blockchain technology.

Given these aspects, however, is that when compared to most cryptocurrencies, it is unique how it has the nearness of genuine use and is present in different activities and mobile apps giving it a very functional aspect. Most applications use titan coin and make an imminent demand for usage as an incentive in the cryptocurrency market.


Probably the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum or ETH, is the digital coin that comes close in reaching the fame of Bitcoin. ETH is an “altcoin” and uses the diversity of applications in trades or exchanges in a very secure method and has an efficient smart contract. Compared to Bitcoin, ETH is celebrated for its functional use and the appeal to be altered for other smart contracts, currencies.

DASH Another Computerized Currency made with shared advanced installments and security, DASH is another cryptocurrency that is popular as of the moment. One of the other things that make DASH renowned crypto is its ability to proceed with immediate installments in real-time. That alone gives traders and other people using this form of the coin to immediately process exchanges across the globe.

Another advantage of getting this coin is it is very low in expense in terms of execution. A lot of countries nowadays have encouraged the use of digital cash instead of paper money and DASH has been in demand and valued as one of the numerous coins out there being used.