April 1, 2023

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The Establishment of Muslim Education Toward Quranic Education

Quranic Education

The revelation to Holy Prophet (PBUH) is Holy Quran which starts with the word “Iqra”. The five principles implemented by Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which his companions and the generation until today follow are related to Al-Quran teaching and learning. The model consists of Tolawah, Tatbiq, Tafahum, Tahfiz, Taranim, Tarahum, and Tafsir. In the Muslim community, Quran is taught in particular mosques, madrasas, and community centers.  In implementing Quranic teaching and learning teachers have been using a variety of strategies. Taking into consideration the abilities of the children some teaching methods reflect new methods as conventional and others. To become true Muslims and better human beings to help the new generation in Quranic learning is the responsibility of parents and teachers. There will be always a need to learn to read Quran.


For achieving happy life in this world and hereafter the Holy Quran is the word of Allah contains human guidelines and Islamic laws. By reading,  listening, helping the Quran is the proper means of performing for Allah. To learn to read Holy Quran a person with improvement in reading skills can be considered beneficial. To understand the content of the Quran for Muslims reading is the first skill required.  To learn about Quran Online Quran Academy is a source increase knowledge. One of the essential knowledge in Islam is Quranic knowledge. To find happiness this knowledge should be taught to Muslims for this world and hereafter. The skills of the Quran are compulsory to master. This skill is necessary to read the Quranic verses in the correct reading method.


Rules and Etiquettes of learning Quran

-Quran should be recited with a concentration of mind and heart also with esteem as we learn from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) sunnah’s and his companion’s tradition

–  Muslims need to keep revising Holy Quran it is so that they do not forget it. To learn knowledge of the Holy Quran is compulsory on us and imparts to others.

–  It is one of the etiquettes that place is free of impurities while reciting Quran and that person is in the state of Wudu.

– To learn about detailed rules and etiquette Online tutors are facilitating in the right way. They tell us about those things which are necessary for the learning of the Holy Quran. In online Quran classes males and females are available according to anyone’s choice.  They are highly qualified who can provide us knowledge about our religion and everyone during class can ask questions to get guidance through Islamic right way.

-It is the responsibility of Muslims if during reading the Quran he/she is doing mistakes to correct the mistakes of that Muslim.

– We can get a better understanding of the Quran from a teacher who has proficient knowledge of the Quran. One should learn Holy Quran with Tajweed and Tafsir.

– Understanding the Quran content while reading it.

-To accommodate the needs of all students teachers should be kind and loving. Teachers’ and students” relationships should be represented by sympathy and kindness.