June 18, 2021

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The causes of fatigue when you wake up

The causes of fatigue when you wake up

Despite a long night’s sleep, do you still feel tired? This symptom may be linked to a poor lifestyle or to sleep that is not restorative. Health pills UK details all the possible causes and solutions to persistent fatigue upon waking up.

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How many hours do I have to sleep to avoid morning fatigue?

We all have different sleep needs. On average, children need 10 to 13 hours of sleep , adults (between 18 and 64 years old) 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, seniors (from 65 years old) between 6 and 8 hours of sleep but this sleep tends to fragment with age, and may include a daytime nap.

Spontaneous bed and wake times are individual and depend on your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is our internal biological clock that controls our awakening and falling asleep. It lasts 24 hours and lasts about twenty days.

Voluntarily depriving yourself of sleep, for example, by prolonging the evenings by combating fatigue, is a primary cause of fatigue upon awakening: it is important to ensure that the nights are long enough to recover from the day, and to be able to rest. Wake up “in shape”.

Voluntary sleep deprivation in fact causes difficulties in waking up, which no longer occurs spontaneously, but requires being woken up by an alarm which therefore comes to pull you out of an ongoing sleep cycle. This phenomenon increases the feeling of a foggy mind, and the latency period to feel alert and ready to start the day.

Fatigue upon awakening: a possible sign of chronic insomnia

Sometimes it’s unintentionally that we find ourselves lacking sleep. Insomnia is one of the main causes of fatigue when you wake up . The fact of not falling asleep at night, and of taking more than 20 minutes to fall asleep once the light is turned off, nocturnal awakenings, or a too early awakening that lasts at least 3 nights a week, for more than 3 months, characterize a chronic insomnia that will cause fatigue on waking and day.

Some initial sleep hygiene tips can already help you find better sleep and reduce your fatigue when you wake up.

 Exposure to blue light: artificial lighting on screens emits blue waves through the light they project. This blue light, more than other light colors for sleeping, suppresses the secretion of melatonin and stimulates wakefulness. It turns out to be harmful for the quality of sleep and can cause a feeling of fatigue the next day.

 A room at the right temperature: being too hot or too cold can cause restlessness and prevent you from falling asleep. The idea is to sleep in a room between 15 ° C and 19 ° C

 The quality of your bedding: fatigue can be accompanied by tension or stiffness in certain parts of your body, of which your mattress could be the cause. A study from “The National Institutes of Health” showed that a medium firm mattress significantly improves the quality of sleep.

The age of your mattress is also important. A 2009 study by The National Institutes of Health showed that participants had better quality sleep and less pain in the morning after sleeping on a new mattress. A mattress needs to be changed every 9 or 10 years.

 Excessive consumption of caffeine and thane: coffee and tea are natural stimulants, therefore, they make it harder to fall asleep and increase the number of times you use the toilet during the night. So avoid taking caffeine for three hours before you go to bed. Limit your intake to one or two servings per day.

 Alcohol consumption: alcohol has been shown to have a sedative effect and make you want to sleep, but does not provide good sleep. According to the Cleveland Clinic, alcohol increases the number of times you wake up after the relaxing effect wears off, preventing you from sleeping soundly. As with tea and coffee, we do not recommend consuming it 3 hours before bedtime.

 Frequent urination at night: excessive nighttime urination, also called nocturnal, can also be a sign of an underlying medical problem. If you continue to wake up two or more times a night to urinate after limiting your intake of water drinks before bed, talk to your doctor.

Stress: stress can affect the quality of sleep. Also in case of overwork, your brain is unable to “pause” during the night.

 Noise and light pollution can hamper the quality of your sleep: background noise such as television, outdoor traffic, noisy neighbors or even a light flow.

 A dinner that is too heavy or too light: eating too much in the evening will force your body to make an effort of digestion during the night and to raise its temperature. It is recommended to eat light, but enough, because hunger can also cause micro-awakenings.

When insomnia is well established, fatigue on waking up permanently, then the method of behavioral and cognitive therapy for insomnia we offers you a  scientifically validated program to regain sleep and adapted advice to overcome insomnia durably. . Throughout your program, you are accompanied by our clinical psychologists.

Fatigue upon awakening: other causes of unresponsive sleep

Medical problems can also affect the quality of sleep and make it unhealthy. The medical causes of morning fatigue are:

The obstructive sleep-disordered breathing (TROS) , including sleep apnea. These disorders are very common and do not only affect overweight people. These disorders are characterized by a total or partial obstruction of the airways during sleep which cause micro-awakenings not perceptible in the sleeper; the latter and no longer sleeps continuously and experiences severe fatigue upon waking and during the day.

 The syndrome of restless legs: it causes incessant leg movements, including at night and prevents total rest.

 The anxiety and depressive disorders like depression can cause constant fatigue , even while sleeping much.

The gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) : when lying down, it is possible to lift acids which cause micro-awakenings and hinder sleep.

 Fluid retention and edema: heavy leg syndrome is the fact that because of an excess of water contained in the tissues, lying down will cause the distribution of water in the legs which can lead to micro alarm clocks.

For all these sleep disorders, do not hesitate to consult your doctor because restful sleep is essential not only to avoid fatigue when you wake up, but to maintain good health.

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