December 4, 2022

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The Best Hospital In India With Multispeciality Treatment Facilities

There is an urgent need for an improved healthcare system, including hospitals and clinics. However, still have many Best Hospitals in India, serving patients with better care and treatment facilities. Some are multispeciality, and some are dedicated to one spectrum specialty.

With the large population, the number of hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries is not abundant. This is not less surprising than today when a pandemic like Covid-19 is at its peak, and various corona hospitals are also being established to treat patients with excellent and urgent treatment.

Here in this blog, we will be highlighting some of the top hospitals in India with multispeciality medical facilities and check physiotherapists in sittingbourne.

The Overview: The Best Hospitals In India:

The topmost multispeciality hospitals in India are as follows:

1. Vimhans Nayati Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi:

The hospital was founded in 1987 as the tribute Indian psychiatrist Vidya Sagar. Earlier, Vimhans was mental healthcare institution in South Delhi, but now a well-recognized super specialty hospital in India. The nursing home compact with more than 100+ beds, advanced facilities, with world-class infrastructure.

The team of doctors and practitioners is highly skilled and experienced in caring for patients with better treatment. Vimhans Nayati Super Speciality Hospital specializes in treating patients in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Electro Physiology, Advanced Orthopedics $ Joint Replacement Surgery, Spine Surgery, Non-Invasive and Invasive Cardiology, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, MAS, Oncology, Emergency & Trauma Critical Care, Obs & Gynae, and more. The hospital is fully integrated with advance treatment modular operation theatres and almost 36 intensive care beds.

2. Fortis Multi-Speciality Hospital, New Delhi:

The chain of hospitals by Fortis is explored in various parts of the country. Fortis healthcare is a specialized group with intensive care and comprehensive treatment institutions. With many hospitals, Fortis is considered to be theBest Hospitals in India.

The extensive care, innovative technologies, and skilled doctors make Fortis Group of hospitals a multi-specialty nursing institution to treat patients with various severe health issues. The hospital is 24/7 available to serve patients with proper care and cure facilities. Fortis is specialized in cardiac science, dermatology, general surgery, neurosurgery, fetal medicines, ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, endocrinology, Haematology, and more.

3. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi:

Among the Best Hospitals in India, Indraprastha Apollo is one of the leading healthcare providers. The hospital is even recognized worldwide for its advanced treatment facilities, superb infrastructure, professional medical care, skilled doctors, etc. It comes with an extensive background in the field of practical medicine in 1996. Today, NABH, NABL, and JCI accredit apollo.

The hospital has combined 52 medicine specialties making it a pride for India to be recognized worldwide. Indraprastha Apollo hospital specializes in Bone Marrow Transplant, Dental Clinic, Fetal Medicine, Dermatology, Infertility Care (IVF), Cancer, Neuroscience, Nuclear Medicine, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, Gynecology, and more.

4. Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi:

Max Healthcare Institute Limited (Max Healthcare) is a well-known hospital with its subsidiary across the nation. It was founded as early as 2006 to be as Max Super Speciality Hospital with skilled doctors and practitioners (2300), trained nurses (3300), and other staff members.

Max Hospital compact with 252 plus beds 67 ICU beds, and accredited by NABH & NABL. In the Best Hospitals In India, Max Hospital has its own recognized place with specialties in cancer treatment, mental healthcare, cardiac surgery, neuroscience, transplant medicines, urology, liver, and biliary sciences, orthopedics, chemotherapy, prostate laser surgery, lung transplant, liver transplant, lithotripsy, etc.

5. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science), New Delhi:

AIIMS is an internationally acclaimed healthcare provider known for its multispeciality treatment and advanced technology to cure patients. With world-class infrastructures well-equipped facilities, AIIMS promise to deliver high-quality treatment with its splendid services. Nursing care is even affordable and serving patients for a number of years.

Today AIIMS is a worldwide brand to offers super-specialty medical facilities and excellent treatment. The hospital is dedicated to its deemed doctors and practitioners in oncology, urology, gynecology, general surgery, neurology, cardiac science, cancer treatment, transplant, lithotripsy, etc.

Final Verdict:

Finding the Best Hospital in Delhi is not that tricky as one thinks off. Still, when it comes to highly advanced medical services, we need care in certain aspects. The infrastructure, treatment facilities, expert doctors, medication, hygiene, cooperative staff are some majorly needed features you can’t deny for. The above listed are some of the topmost multi-specialty hospitals in Delhi to find excellent treatment and expert healthcare advice.