December 4, 2022

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Some of the Best Places to See in Thane


So your deal finally came through!  You were able to buy one of the flats for sale in Thane West. Good for you. Thane is one of the most rapidly developing regions of Mumbai. It is seamlessly integrated with the central suburbs of North Mumbai. Even though it has its own share of hustle-bustle, it is a good place to live. Apart from plenty of residential projects springing up, it has a lot to offer in terms of places to see and have a good time with friends and family.

Gorakhgad Fort

Named after the saint Gorakhnath, this is an incredible sport for trackers, Gorakhgad Fort is easily accessible from Thane. Tourists, as well as local trekkers, enjoy the thrill of climbing vertical rock walls. One side of the Gorakhgad Fort and Machindragad is covered with dense forest.

Gorakhgad fort is located at the height of 2.150 feet above sea level. There is water on the top of the fort that needs to be filtered.

Kelwa Beach

Known as Kelwa or Kelwe Beach, it is located in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest beaches in the region around 49.7 miles north of Mumbai. It stretches for 4.3 miles along the Arabian Sea’s coastline. Since there are other worth-seeing spots nearby, such as Shitla Devi Temple, Kelva Fort, and Dam, plan at least 3-4 hours for a visit.

Korum Mall

Korum Mall is the perfect place for shoppers in Thane. The mall houses various local and branded shops. It covers 25,000 square feet. You would find plenty of options of family entertainment such as a food court with great food. It can easily fit 550 people at a time. Also, there is a four-screen Inox Multiplex with a seating capacity of more than 1,000 seats.

Mahuli Fort

Although Thane is blessed to have numerous natural spots, Mahuli Fort stands out among them. It is a Mughal fort that allows for an exhilarating trekking experience. It is the highest fort in the Thane region and one of the most mystical ones as well. It stands majestically at 2,815 feet. The forest surrounding Mahuli has been declared as a sanctuary. It is the perfect paradise for rock climbers as it offers the challenging peaks of Vazir and Vishnu.

Naneghat Hills

Located around 120 km from Mumbai, Naneghat Hills is another hotspot for trekkers. One wouldn’t be wrong to say that Thane is the place for those who love the outdoors and are into physical activities. Naneghat Hills is located 2,750 feet above sea level. It is quite a sport for photography and star-gazing as well.

Talao Pali

Talao Pali is called Masunda Talao as well. The word talao means lake in Hindi. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Maharashtra. It can be reached in 15 – 20 minutes from anywhere in Thane. It is a popular picnic spot with plenty of delightful streets as well as Chinese food. The lake also allows boating.

Tansa Lake

Located outside Thane city, Tansa Lake is a great place for photographers and people to get some peace and quiet. The Tansa Dam is also close, a popular tourist spot. One can also camp for the night there. The Tansa river also originates from this lake. It is one of the biggest lakes around Mumbai away from any kind of hustle-bustle. There are no restaurants nearby, so pack yourself a snack while going there to enjoy the peace.

Titwala Ganesh Mandir

Visited by thousands of devotees every month, Titwala Ganesh Mandir happens to be an important pilgrimage spot in Thane. The mandir houses an ancient idol of Ganesh. Although people visit here all year round, Ganesh Chaturthi is a huge festival garnering people in thousands. There is a small pond nearby where the devotees take a bath before entering the temple. You can enjoy a variety of food items there as well.

That’s all if you are getting a chance to make your home in Thane, it is going to be memorable as the area allows you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Due to the affordable life away from the hectic life of the city, more people are opting to buy property in Thane and establish a living here.

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