Some facts and traditions concerning Ramadan

It is the Holy Month of Ramadan is more than just a fasting time: it’s an important month that is which is rooted in religion, culture and tradition. Around the world, Muslims mark this time by celebrating religious festivals specific to their area and handed down from generation to generation. Ramadan fast is among the most significant traditions of Islam since fasting is the fourth fundamental pillar of Islam. In Ramadan adults Muslims are fasting from dusk to dawn, unless sick, pregnant, nursing or travelling.

Some information concerning this Holy Month of Ramadan

Forbidden to eat or drink anything

Muslims from all over the world, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or race are fasting during all over the world during Holy Month of Ramadan. It is forbidden to eat or drink anything as when the sun rises and continues to set until dusk during this Holy Month. Also, they are required to stay clear of the impurities as well as other pleasures.

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First revelation

There is a belief that the first revelations were received from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The exact date of the beginning of Ramadan is determined by the appearance of the new moon.

The time of the beginning of Ramadan could be as long as 12 or 11 days every year. There is no date from which we can determine that Ramadan will begin on this day, but it’s changing each year.

First chapters of holy book

It is widely belief that the first chapters of the Holy Book Quran were revealed by Allah Almighty in the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims are advised to read Quran during Ramadan. If you want your little ones to learn the tajweed then online Quran classes for kids is the way to go forward.

Not to do things

Muslims are urged to eat breakfast at dawn, and end the fast at sunset. In this period it is forbidden to drink or eat, and in addition, they are prohibited from having sexual relations or using vulgar language, as well as any other sinful act.

Pillar of Islam

Ramadan is the period when Muslims fast. Fasting is among five Pillars of Islam. The consumption of dates is a well-known method of breaking the fast. The Bible says that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) utilized dates to break His fast.

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Obligated to donate

When it comes to Ramadan, Muslims are obligated to donate to charities through Sadaqah, also known as Zakat. In Ramadan the benefits of giving to charity are considered more rewarding.

Children are not required to observe a fast during Ramadan and not even after they are puberty.

The meal prior to the start to fasting is known as suhoor. The dinner after sunset is known as Iftar.

Medical conditions

Individuals are advise to discontinue their fasts due to breastfeeding, illness or any other medical condition.

In certain countries in some countries, it is regarded as an offense to not observe the Ramadan and break the fast.

Final words

In the final days of Ramadan it is celebrate with an important festival known as Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the closing to the fast. The Eid-ul- Fitr is celebrate by dress in the best attire and visiting the Mosque to say the Eid prayers and offering gifts. Muslims enjoy the holiday with their family and friends make large meals and give money to charity to help the less fortunate be able to enjoy. It is also as a day of worship. Muslims are praise by Allah (SWT) to help them get through the month and also ask to be forgive for any wrongs they’ve committ.

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