June 3, 2023

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Simple Stylish Eid Trends

Stylish Eid Trends 2021

Eid Trends 2021

The time of the year when the air is filled with happiness and many colors are just ahead of us. The most elated of all the trends and styles will be everywhere, with the classic traditional overlay. Yes, Eid-ul-Fitr is right around the corner as the month of Ramadan will pass by. Eid-ul-Fitr is just one of two kids; the second one is Eid-Ul-Adha.  Ladies of the Muslim community are active during these festivals buying new eid clothes, jewelry, shoes, earring, and much more. And just because women like buying eid clothes so brands and designers come up with their latest Eid outfits every year to offer them something stylish to wear. You’ve seen that from the past couple of years eid is coming in the summer, so designers and brands come up with designs that are modern with a touch of tradition and make them with summer-friendly material so you feel comfortable wearing them. Making one of the most impressive designs with top quality, Eid clothes in Pakistan is worth checking out. 

We are going to talk about all the ongoing trends to make your Eid even more special. Everything fashion-related is going to get explored according to the recent collections. 

Top Stylish Trends

Eid is a magical day for all of us. It has its way of making people connect and make them close and spreading the joys of it. For such a magnificent day, the preparations must match, touching the highest level of ethnic styling. For the three days of eid, we look for a style that is modern and has a touch of traditional style to it as well. And brands and Designers like Libas e Jamila design your dreams into reality. And there are many designs and trends that we love to the core. So, before we all hit the stores and markets for the ultimate Eid shopping, it is important to explore all the possibilities and ideas of the latest Eid trends and styles After having a little fashion insight you can have a better understanding of what will look better on you. 

White Dresses

The most underrated color is so on fire in today’s trend.  This is the right kind of option to deal with the sweltering summers and the dazzling Eid day. This color doesn’t only put elegance to your dress but it also calms the sight and feels refreshing to wear. For the ladies, white is designed in various styles, from frocks to maxis, to plain shirts and monochromatic white shalwar kameez. If you don’t want to wear white, then adding a touch of color to the embroideries or the dupatta will add a splendid outlook. White influences every part of your style perfectly with any theme. So, it is a no-brainer if you don’t have it for this Eid. I’ll recommend visiting Libas e Jamila because these guys have amazing designs in white dresses. 

Simple and Elegant

Dresses that are simple stand out of all the branded things and no matter what you say simply gives a pleasant vibe. They fall in the category which is lighter in texture and even lighter in embroideries. These pieces include every piece of shirt and trousers which are designed in either lawn, chiffon, or cotton. They range mostly from casual to semi-formal dresses. However, when it comes to eid celebrations no matter if it’s at home or with friends or relatives, they mostly go for their amazing appeal and distinctive elegance. The dupattas are printed in many hues and shirts are bordered with tangled embroideries. 

Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez is a piece of clothing that can be modified but never out of trend. The great thing about shalwar and kameez is that they are more beautiful and elegant when they are simple,they are neither too baggy in style and nor too trimmed and they look great with a variety of tops type, peplums, medium shirts, kurtas, and frocks. The key to balancing the outlook of the shalwar lies in the selection of palette and the type of the top. For heavily embroidered tops, always go for light simple, and plain shalwars.


One of the most famous traditional footwear of Pakistan is Khussas. We all love the traditional footwear in Pakistan is the khussa. These khussas look amazing in every variety and form.  When you wear them with any of your outfits, they instantly change the whole vibe of your outfits to something better and traditional. 


It proved that eid without mehndi is not eid for a girl what the point if you’re not getting that mehndi design? Nowadays the trend of mehndi designs is going towards simple and light. Heavy mehndi design trends are coming to an end now over or at least limited to just weddings, this is time to opt for more minimalistic and urban style mehndi with lesser filling and more simplicity in the patterns. 


Having a neat and will be really essential we all are seeing a sharp increase in temperature. So, you’ll be wondering what options would be available. Well, there are all sorts of braids from messy fishtails, triple braids, to the side braids, French braids, we can try with any outfit, and they’ll look awesome in most cases. 


We discussed a lot of the eid trends that basically go on around the 3 days of eid. Considering everything is important but one thing which makes your whole outfit lookout and for some reason makes you more confident in the jewelry you wear. To get the jewelry that matches the tour dress is no easy thing to look for, going from shop to shop. We all know the struggle. But the perfect jewelry says a lot about an outlook, hence it is important to find the most suitable one possible. This year the jewelry trend has changed transformed into something that is elegant and delicate. Simple neckless with pretty and delicate pendants look amazing and pair them with the richness of the Eid dress, the earrings need to be prominent and bold.