March 20, 2023

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Rhubarb may be a trendy plant in Poland, which many folks come with our mother’s or grandmother’s backyard. Our tables wont to have practically always a pie and rhubarb compote within the spring, but just for some years, with the rise within the popularity of healthy food and seasonal dishes, fresh rhubarb often appears on store shelves. The worth also encourages this plant’s rediscovery – usually, it doesn’t exceed PLN 4 per kilogram.


It is also referred to as bleeding, includes over 60 different species. This perennial is native to a geographical area and grows wild within Tibet and China’s mountainous regions. It came to Europe with the migration of individuals within the 16th century, when it began to be cultivated in Great Britain. However, in Poland, it appeared only within the 19th century.

The most common types of rhubarb are garden, curly and medicinal rhubarb. The cultivation is seasonal, and in greengrocers, we usually expire in late spring and early summer.

Rhubarb could be a vegetable but within you.  s. it’s classified as a fruit – this common doubt is because of the individuality of its taste. The red, pink, or green leaf petioles, which are an edible part of this plant, are sour and tart in taste.


Rhubarb may be a source of vitamins A, C and E. it’s rich in potassium, folate, and fiber, it also contains magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, and calcium. one of all its basic advantages is that it provides us with plenty of antioxidants important for our health.

It is incredibly low in calories – 100 g of vegetables contain only 21 calories. Cenforce 100 and cenforce 200 best for ed. A further advantage is that it’s low-glycemic, so it can even be consumed by folks who have problems maintaining proper blood glucose levels.


Is it worth consuming rhubarb for health reasons? This vegetable’s properties have already been appreciated in traditional Chinese medicine, where it had been used as a laxative and anti-inflammatory. It is additionally rich in valuable phytoestrogens – these are natural compounds found in plants that, other than their fungicidal and antioxidant properties, have a sway like female estrogen. Due to this, It is usually recommended for girls rummaging menopause because it can alleviate its side effects and delay it.


Current research shows that rhubarb will be an essential part of the diet within the fight against cancer. It contains rapontigenin, which is accountable for slowing down the multiplication of cancer cells, especially in developing breast and prostatic adenocarcinoma. What’s more, this ingredient has gained recognition for its anti-allergic and antioxidant properties.

Rhubarb supports the correct functioning of our cardiovascular system. It’s also employed in an anti-inflammatory diet backed by ingredients with high antioxidant content and alleviating many chronic diseases. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra oral jelly best for erectile dysfunction. If there are ketones in our urine, it should mean that we’ve got diabetes – during this situation, we should always eat more rhubarb – anti-inflammatory effect, combined with low glycemic properties, will have a positive impact on the course of this disease.

WHO SHOULD use caution, and may YOU EAT an excessive amount of RHUBARB?

Unfortunately, other than the wealth of ingredients beneficial to our health, rhubarb also features many ethanediol acids. This component is dangerous for the body because it contributes to the leaching of calcium from the bones and spoilage of the teeth. We must always also refrain from eating rhubarb if we suffer from kidney stones.

However, it’s worth knowing that proper processing reduces the number of acids that enter our body – It is  cooked in water contains approx—50% less oxalate than raw rhubarb. Baking rhubarb, unfortunately, won’t reduce the quantity of those harmful acids. Still, we will reduce their detrimental effect by supplementing a meal with rhubarb with an outsized portion of calcium, e.g., within the style of yogurt or buttermilk.

Contraindication to consuming large amounts of rhubarb may be a low testosterone level in men – the high content of phytoestrogens may additionally disturb the hormonal balance. It should even be limited by pregnant and breastfeeding women – substances contained in rhubarb pass into milk and should cause severe diarrhea in an exceeding child. When consumed in large amounts, this may also cause purgation in an adult.

Although very rare, there are known deaths because of rhubarb poisoning, so let’s not overdo it in our diet.


Due to its unique aroma, tart and sour, it is employed primarily in baking, where its flavor perfectly matches and balances cakes’ sweetness. Rhubarb barm could be a popular spring dessert – light and juicy, it tastes best on warm days.

We also recommend rhubarb jam. It’s an excellent addition to fresh bread, which we can prepare ourselves or replenish on the low-sugar jam that may work as a sweet snack, also for diabetics.

A popular dessert is additionally a pie – it’s easy to organize and always delicious. It’s enough to dip the rhubarb take away pieces during a mass prepared from flour, sugar, eggs, and milk, and put it within the oven for about 20 minutes. The dough thus obtained is moist and fresh in taste. This recipe is ideal if we would like to organize a fast and healthy dessert.

this is additionally employed in delicious juices, e.g., as an addition to raspberry juice and fruit wine production.

However, the original popular recipe in Poland that uses rhubarb is classic compote. We can prepare it by boiling rhubarb with sugar in water or combining it with sweeter fruits, like strawberries or peaches.