December 3, 2023

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Played cricket after months and now suffering from a hamstring? Stretch for 30 minutes daily


One of the most common issues which many people go through is that they want to play their sport, or enjoy happy family life. But they fear because a slight on making a slight movement causes them immense pain and sometimes even leads to muscle cramps and hamstrings all over the body. The reason behind such a critical condition of people is that the inertia of their tissues doesn’t allow them to do so. To get away with this, you might do few hours of stretching that can help you in getting some relief. Then you would know why does stretching feel good?

To know about how stretching is a boon just like meditation in not only making your body flexible but also in relieving you from muscle cramps read the full article?

Why it pains in stretching after a long time?

It is common sense if you know a little of physics, then you must have heard about the term inertia. Inertia in simple words is the state of matter to remain unchanged in terms of position and velocity, i.e., a stationary object likes to remain fixed in a position and a moving object likes to remain in motion. In our body also the same rule applies to our muscles and body areas.

Let’s have a look at what you have been doing all your day, getting up in the morning, going for a bath, eating your breakfast, going for job, suiting all day on your desk in front of the computer, returning home at night, having your dinner, watching TV, then going to bed. With this lifestyle, you are going to suffer from muscle cramps, hamstrings, and every other similar issue. If you have a look at the routine it is like a robot has been switched on, there is no physical movement. Day by day, your hips, spines get used to remaining in a particular posture, and suddenly one day you start playing cricket, all things get messed up.

The inertia of your hips is to remain stable and with time they have become fixed. So, when they are forced to move a little during stretching, it causes pain which leads to hamstring our muscles cramp.

What are the possible solutions?

Stretching is surely one of the possible solutions that require no investment but will surely provide you great returns. If you cannot afford to give much time to stretching, 30 minutes are enough daily. Stretching as believed is not only fruitful for making your body flexible but also for releasing stress, thus making you feel calm. Along with physical stamina, it also boosts your mental stability. Then you would come to know that why does stretching feel so good?

Are there any precautions for stretching?

  • When for the first time you do stretching after a time gap be cautious and aware while performing any exercises. Always remember Stretching or any other exercise is meant to provide you relief and not pain. If at some angle while stretching you feel pain, stop at the immediate moment.
  • If you are comfortable holding your leg for 20 seconds, be it, this is your first day. As you become regular in stretching, the muscles will become flexible and you will be able to hold your leg for 1 minute.

How Stretching helps in improving your mood?

  • When your muscles get tightened due to stretching, they release a chemical endorphin. This endorphin lifts your mood by releasing stress and facilitating the feeling of pleasure in the body. And due to this reason, Endorphin is sometimes also known as the ‘feel good’ hormone.

This is the reason why Stretching makes you feel good?

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