February 1, 2023

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Best Nephrology EMR for 2021

Nephrology EMR

What is an EHR? 

With the world heading towards technological advances by the day, of course the world of medicine is not far behind. These days every medical practice utilizes EHR software to take care of their needs and optimize their processes. An EHR software can do it all these days; from taking care of your patient medical records to helping with optimizing your daily schedule to a point of perfection. 

Finding an EHR software which is perfect for your practice is very important. In this piece, we will talk about various EHR software which work perfectly for a nephrology practice. We will run down some features of popular EHR like Acumen EHR to AthenaOne; all of which make a wonderful choice for a nephrology practice. So if you want to know more then keep reading!

What Features a Nephrology EHR Should Have

Acumen EHR

The first EHR on our list for best nephrology EHR is Acumen EHR which has a lot of features which make it worth your while but the feature we would like to highlight in this software is definitely the dashboard feature. The dashboard in Acumen EHR has been designed in a way to keep in mind easy user interface and to see what appeals to users. This software makes it incredibly easy to switch through different features so you are able to maximize efficiency by spending as little time navigating through the software as possible. And because the software is so easy to use, the learning curve for this is next to none which is something else that makes Acumen EHR such a treat to use! 

Kareo EHR

The next EHR on our list after Acumen EHR is Kareo EHR which has several great features as well. This software has a great template feature which helps you to choose a template that is ideal for your practice specifically. While the nephrology template might be great, you can always have some additions or subtractions to make it perfect for your practice and this is exactly what you can do with Kareo EHR as it helps you to be able to choose the perfect template for you which eventually leads you to chart your patient information faster as well! All of this will help make your medical practice much more efficient overall! 


AthenaOne is the next software on our list. This EHR has a great lab reports feature which allows you to order tests for patients right there and then and send those orders to a lab. And as soon as the results for the tests are available, you are able to view them since the lab sends them directly to you. This makes everything much more streamlined and convenient. And as a nephrologist, you probably order a lost of testing for patients before making a diagnosis so this helps you keep on top of everything so there are no confusions and so that you are able to make quicker diagnosis as well! 


Of course, AdvancedMD EHR will make an appearance on our list of best nephrology EHR because of all the features this software has which make it a wonderful option. However, the feature we want to highlight is the scheduling feature. This feature helps you not only schedule as many appointments in a day as possible but also looks at the availability of the dialysis equipment, exam rooms and other things you might need to keep in mind when scheduling a patient so that there are no issues when it comes to executing an appointment or a patient’s treatment! 


And finally, the last EHR on our list for top nephrology EMRs is NueMD which again has a lot of great features which you can benefit from. However, the feature we want to highlight is the claims feature which helps you automate most of the process associated with filing a claim so that you are able to relax! This helps your claims have lesser errors which leads to them being rejected less often as well. The software is also equipped with the correct coding as well so you do not have to find the correct one for each form as it can do so automatically!

Which Nephrology EHR Should you Invest in? 

Now that we have given you several options for wonderful nephrology EMRs, you are probably wondering which one of these you should opt for! Well we recommend that you look at all the features of these software to see which one would suit your needs best. 

We also suggest asking for a demo of the software before you make a final decision. For example, if you are considering Acumen EHR then you should ask the vendor for an Acumen EHR to see if you like it!