April 1, 2023

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Nelia Ladlad – Introduced CoCareBox for Supplying Premium-Grade PPE Kits to Ensure Safety in Senior Care Communities

All over the world, nursing homes, home care, and other senior care related agencies seem to be highly vulnerable to unprecedented novel coronavirus. Since the elderly people are at more risk due to chronic illness, memory loss, or mobility issues, it is our duty to help them learn more about preventive measures and give them the best possible care to live in a safer environment.

Can’t stop worrying about seniors at the present COVID-19 outbreak? Aren’t getting enough PPE supplies to keep the elderly safe and healthy? Don’t panic, this is the time where we should all stand united and support our elderly loved ones to adopt a new normal for an improved quality of life.

Nelia Ladlad carries a diverse background and knowledge in home health, home care, adult daycare, and many senior-related services. To support the most vulnerable members of society, she launched a store – CoCareBox, a one-stop destination for you to buy KN95 masks, N95 masks, 3-ply disposable masks, and hand sanitizers to reduce the risk of bacterial and viral contamination.

Why do Home Health, Home Care, and Other Senior Related Facilities Require PPE?

A majority of senior living communities are experiencing a shortage of PPE items such as face masks and hand sanitizers since the coronavirus pandemic began. Seniors who live in long-term care communities are more vulnerable to critical illness from the virus than the general population. With stay-at-home orders, many elderly people are struggling with isolation and loneliness.

Apart from patients, caregivers and other trained professionals also need high-end PPE supplies to minimize the exposure to hazardous particles while taking care of seniors or any sick person. Given all of these circumstances, it is extremely important to maintain a comprehensive selection of PPE products such as face masks and hand sanitizers to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

What Senior Care Agencies can do to Mitigate the Risk of Contagion?

We all know that coronavirus is a predominantly respiratory illness. It can be transmitted through airborne particles, respiratory droplets such as coughing and sneezing, and other hazardous exposures. It can also be spread by touching contaminated surfaces or objects, visiting in contamination-prone areas, and touching eyes, mouth, nose, or face with infected hands.

Taking all these risks and the present COVID-19 crisis into consideration, it makes more sense for home health, home care, and senior care facilities or agencies to take a step forward and give the elderly as well as caregivers the suitable protective gear to minimize the risk of infection. With quality products like KN95 mask, NIOSH-approved N95 masks, 3-ply disposable masks, and hand sanitizers, the elderly, caregivers, and other professionals can rest assured.

It is also important to keep everyone informed and up to date to help them stay fully protected from any contamination risk factors. Seniors should step out of their homes only when it is necessary, maintain a physical distance in public settings, wear a mask outside, and wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizers to prevent getting infected.

Why CoCareBox is the Right Place for Masks and Sanitizers Supply?

  • Maintaining a comprehensive range of products in stock such as 3-ply disposable masks, N95 masks, KN95 mask, and hand sanitizers.
  • High-grade PPE products, sourced from prominent and reliable manufacturers.
  • Face masks come in the right fit, breathable material, and functional efficiency.
  • Buy items in bulk or individually, as per your convenience.
  • A fast and secure shipping process in the current COVID-19 times.
  • Effective and safe products available at discounted prices.
  • All products are shipped from the USA.

CoCareBox ensures to deliver premium-grade PPE products right at your doorstep, both in bulk or individually, at economical prices. You can also get a subscription and get masks every month at 10% off, in both large and small quantities. All you need to define your quantity requirements and become an exclusive member group to avail of discounts and timely delivery services every month.