September 21, 2023

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My Personal Review On Delta A350 International Business Class Flight


In this article, I am going to explain my journey to Delta A350 International Business Class Flight. 

Let’s start I was in Greensboro North Carolina my home airport right now so the first step is to hop on a crj700 for the flight to Detroit from there I’ll pick up deltas 8350 I am so excited about this flight because the last time I flew Delta one in the a350 was the inaugural flight.

So the real question is has the aircraft held up to the test of time before we find out?

When I was on the road as soon as I got to Detroit I wanted to catch a glimpse of the a350 that would take me across the Atlantic tonight, unfortunately, there was a bit of a challenge Detroit is a great Airport but there’s only one thing I cannot stand about it and it’s these dots you can’t see the aeroplanes these dots are terrible, from what I’ve learned through Integra the Detroit dots are designed to prevent birds from flying into the windows and of course that’s a good thing but there’s still a plane spotters nightmare.

This Airport is truly beautiful especially here in the concourse there’s a West in Hotel located inside the airport which is great for long layovers it’s a pretty massive structure and fortunately, there’s a train that runs the entire length of the concourse getting over to the B and C concourses though requires a ride on an underground moving walkway but there was no need for me to head over there.

I went straight to Delta’s Sky Club now there are four of them here in the Detroit Airport and access is available to any passenger travelling in business class on an international flight with Delta, now I visited the one right here in the centre of concourse it’s located upstairs and despite its high perch there are no airfield views that’s too bad, the club has a self-service bar and plenty of flavorful food available on the buffet. Know about Delta Basic Economy.

There are lots of seats but in my experience, this club can get pretty crowded. Showers are also available along with an ingenious way to open the bathroom door after you’ve washed your hands. I had a lot of filming to do across several legs of this journey that took me to Africa and beyond you see I was headed to St. Helena a small island within the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

The goal at this point is to stay awake long enough to experience the flight I’m pretty beat we’ll see what happens when I arrived the gate area the purser was making an announcement welcoming everyone under the flight what a nice touch in 28 minutes her character in additional information he needs is letting fleshless be an assistant while we waited aboard I tweeted about the dumb Detroit dots the Twitter-sphere answered her at least Anthony did with his beautiful photo from the ramp.

Boarding began in no time and I was back in Delta 1 on Delta Airlines flagship 8350 the cabin was just as beautiful as I remembered it the cabin crew had mood lights going on bathing the cabin in the purple haze the seat itself is comfortable with 22 inches of pitch and 76 inches of length in its fully flat position, simply put there’s plenty of space and the seat is very well designed.

The seat includes a massive screen. We’ll look at that in just a little bit. There’s a coat hook as well as a universal plug and a headphone jack the seat adjustments are intuitive.

If a little bit sensitive it’s also possible to adjust the seat from the fully flat position down here the tray table is a little small but thanks to the shelf on the side of the seat it’s not a problem to get work done here, there are light and the handle for closing the door.

Here’s to a great flight an amenity kit is available at each seat and contains the basics for a flight like this Delta also provides noise-cancelling headphones and soon we were off the in-flight entertainment looked great on this huge bright screen and there were plenty of choices I find Delta’s IFE to be great even on much longer flights than this one I do wish Delta had a more up-to-date moving map though but this was fine also an a350 with no tail camera I mean come on that’s a much-missed feature here on Delta’s a350s and as long as we’re on the negatives.

I was sorry to see such a dirty scratched window on a brand new aeroplane. How does this happen? It was time for me to use the business class seat for its intended purpose doing business so I plugged in and got to work the Wi-Fi worked well but does come at a cost, fortunately, I had some credits with American Express so I got free access but without one of those passes access comes for as little as seven dollars per hour I then closed the door and when I tried to open it again I forgot how to do it and promptly broke. Know more about Delta Comfort Plus.

It when the flight attendants were finally able to get out of their seats and begin service there was a lot of turbulence on her climb out I sought and received aid a quick flip of a switch freed the door and corrected my mistake a gin and tonic for my troubles sure thing I’d taken advantage of Delta’s pre-order service when I received an email a few days before my flight a short rib chicken sea bass or ravioli not knowing exactly what future Jeb would want I picked the chicken.

The food was excellent, truly world-class. I mean I’ve never craved mushroom soup but I could have eaten a whole bowl of this stuff and passed Jeb nailed it with his chicken. The smell alone was just fantastic but then it was time for bed and I was beaten.

I woke up as we were on approach. I’m sure there was a breakfast service but I missed it. Breakfast this is the fastest trip across the Atlantic I’ve ever experienced. I rate all of my international first and business class flights on an admittedly subjective scale.

I rate five factors: the lounge, the seat, the in-flight entertainment, the food, and the service. First, the lounge it’s great and has everything you’d expect from a typical US lounge but United is putting pressure on delta there Polaris lounges are incredible this lounge earns four stars.

Next the seat sure I broke my tour but it’s otherwise really well-designed having the ability to create your cocoon is so nice this is still a five-star business class seat.

Third Delta’s IFE it’s robust and looks stunning on the screen as it is always deserving of four stars.

Fourth the food was fantastic flavorful above and beyond it smelled so good too by the way if five stars here, finally the crew were fantastic they had limited time given the turbulence on the front of the flight and kept them from there from getting up out of their seats and the really short flight time and so even though I only interacted with them during the first meal service I slept through breakfast they were great and five stars.

So that leaves Delta’s A350 service from Detroit to Amsterdam with 23 stars out of a possible 25. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts but Delta’s service and between now and the next time see you in the sky you.