December 3, 2023

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Most Common Washing Machine Problems & Their Solutions

Washing machine is one of the most crucial inventions of the 20th century. It can be found in every home, facilitating everyone in the exhausting and challenging laundry process. However, over the years of use, many problems may arise in a washing machine, including issues while spinning, missing when running, inability to drain waters, etc.

While some of these are particularly small, most of the time, it is well-advised that you do not attempt to fix these problems on your own. Finding a reliable washing machine repair service in time can save you from spending half of your day washing clothes by hand!

Warning Signs Your Machine Gives Before Breaking Down

The following are the six most common problems why your washing machine is not working properly.

1. Washer Not Mixing

If the washer is not mixing properly, it is due to a broken belt, a faulty lid switch, or a problem with the motor.


A blockage in the washer stops the washer from mixing. Clean the washer and see if there is any debris inside blocking the path. If the problem still continues, check the motor. If your machine’s motor has been burned, book a professional washing machine repair technician to repair the motor or install a new one, if needed.

2. Machine does not Start

Damaged sockets and wires could be the reason for this problem. In this situation, you will have to replace the damaged wires.


First, you have to diagnose the actual problem, whether it is a damaged wire or socket causing the problem. If it is the damaged wire or socket, replace it. If the socket and wire are both working properly, then the problem is with your motor. If you are not sure about the real problem, it is recommended to book a professional home appliance repair service like Mr. Mahir through its washing machine repair service app.

3. Machine Makes Strange Noises

Small objects like coins can get stuck in the wash, or your machine has been regularly overloaded, and the bearings have gone.


Take out all the drum items, check the door seal, and observe if the problem has been solved. If the noise continues, book a professional washing machine repair service to help you.

4. Washer Does Not Drain

A jam in the machine or waste pipe could be an issue if the drum of your washing machine is not draining. If your machine’s washer does not drain, this could be due to a faulty pump or an electrical fault.


In most cases, the washer stops draining when there is a jam in a filter outside it. Try to clear the jam and see if it works.

5. Grinding Sounds of Machine

When a washing machine is bumping or grinding, it is a sign that the machine is either off-balance or that something is wrong. A bumping or grinding sound is especially concerning because it can be an indication that the internal parts of the mechanisms are stripped.


If the sound gets worse over time, it will be intelligent of you to book a professional washing machine repair service for the inspection.

6. Washing Machine is Full of Foam

This happens when you make use of too much detergent while washing. This is not a big issue but should be handled by adjusting the quantity of detergent.


Adjust the amount of detergent you put in the washing machine. Usually, the excessive amount of detergent causes a lot of bubbles in the machine while laundering.

Superior Washing Machine Repair Service For Your Home

In big cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, finding a trustworthy and professional washing machine repair service was difficult before Mr. Mahir. This home maintenance company provides top-notch washing machine repair services in a cost-effective, efficient, safe, and reliable way.

Mr. Mahir’s professional can fix washing machines of all the brands, including Samsung, Haier, etc. So, if you are in Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi, Mr. Mahir is your one-stop shop for all washing machine repair needs.

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