February 1, 2023

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Make A Statement With Still Life Painting

Still Life Painting

There is something very amusing about still life painting, especially in settings like the dining room or a balcony. There seems to be life beyond the physical space in that painting.

These paintings are best used to communicate a specific theme, and the dining room is one place where everybody gathers together and settles in that particular theme.

Still life painting not only add vigour to your dining area but makes the experience of food more enriching while encouraging happy exciting engaging conversations.

Popularly known as “the slice of life”, still life paintings primarily involve botanical illustrations such as fruits and vegetables.

There is immense realism in these paintings that make it a part of your world.

It has been a big part of our history too. The aristocratic Romans featured these paintings in their homes to stimulate the five senses.

It is known to be a boost to a households’ hospitality. ‘Breakfast paintings’ was also a common tradition which is still a very creative idea to decorate your dining room.

These paintings commonly represent your favourite delicacies giving guests more insight about your culture.

Still life paintings demonstrate your personality. If you have natural choices, you can choose to display the typical fruit bowl paintings.

If you like a hearty English breakfast, you can choose to opt for a still life painting of bread, ham, sausages and milk.

There are still life paintings which can give you an appetite for farm lives.

Other still life paintings can help you add fragrant flowers to your dining room, making it more sophisticated and aesthetic in its presentation.

You can even choose to add some classic crockery which keeps your dishes secret but adds the right amount of curiosity needed in the people who sit around to eat.

But surely, one thing that a still life painting can do is that it can add a lot of appetite and warmth to your dinner, especially the ones with tea, coffee or wine which can sometimes introduce more flavour to your food.

You may light up the room with candle lights and add an artistic Victorian accent to your dining room.

The ambiance created will be intimate and sensual. Moreover, it can make conversations on the dining table more enjoyable.

You can also freely choose objects which are not related to food to introduce themes to yourself and your family.

This can help you take in the food and with it intimately swallow what the still life stands for. This can be depicted based on the art material and the objects.

You can even change these if someone is visiting you to invoke nostalgia.  It may not only refresh certain old memories but also encourage you to make new happy and interesting  memories. 

There are many painting exhibitions that feature extraordinary still life art. Some of them may be from legendary artists while maybe by upcoming new artists.

If you prefer paintings by renowned artists, some of the most famous still art paintings that you can choose to hang in your dining room are:

1) Still life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (1633)- This famous painting by Francisco de Zurbaran. The pictures have a reputation of their own. It will be a beautiful sight in your dining room.

2.) The Violin and Candlestick- This famous painting of Analytic Cubism by Georges Braque gives your dining room a very classy vibe with its unique colour tones.

While renowned artists are good to make an impression, new artists may show a different flair and style in their artistry, which would be good for the artist and the person having the art piece.


So, get yourself a painting, which speaks to you the most. Painting for wall  will emit a positive vibe in the room and will surely be a conversation starter.

This way, you will encourage an environment of warmth, and it will also give a beautiful makeover to your dining room.

It is the perfect place for any still life painting because sitting here, we often contemplate and talk to each other.

Having food can be an intimate affair, and with a still life painting of your choice in the background, it can become a life-changing experience every meal!

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