December 5, 2022

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Know About The Entitlements You Get With Student Visa Australia

Know About The Entitlements You Get With Student Visa Australia

Thinking of applying for a student visa in Adelaide? Are you wondering whether the immigration services in Adelaide are competent enough to provide guidance? Have you yet decided how to go about the entire process?

Read on to know more about student visas and why reaching out for the best migration agent might actually be a good decision for your visa application.

Student Visa Subclass 500: A Brief Guide

The Student Visa (Subclass 500) lets you stay in Australia for 5 years for full-time studying. It is a temporary visa that also allows working rights for the applicant. The subclass 500 student visa entitlements provided are as follows:

1)   You can enrol into an eligible study programme

2)   You can travel in and out of Australia multiple times till the visa validity lasts

3) You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and for unlimited hours during school breaks.

4)  You can include family members as dependents on your student visa and they will be given similar working rights as you

5)   You can opt for course packages on the same visa to save on time and cost.

Types of acceptable study programs on a Visa Subclass 500

A student has the option to choose a different course if he or she wants. The changing courses have certain rules that differ along with the course choice. For instance, if you opt for a same or higher-level course after studying the previous course for more than 6 months, you do not have to apply for a new student visa. If you are opting to study a non-AQF or a lower-level course, you will have to get a new student visa. There are different courses you can opt for while deciding on a student visa such as:

  • English courses such as general English subjects, IELTS preparation, Cambridge, English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students etc.
  • Primary and secondary school courses
  • Secondary school exchange programmes
  • Vocational courses such as fitness, sports, health, business, tourism etc.
  • Post-graduate and higher research courses
  • Non-academic award courses

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Alternate Student Visa Types

1) Visitor Visa (Subclasses 600, 601 and 651)

This is a visa that is compatible for students wishing to opt for a shorter study program i.e. 3 months. The entitlements offered by visitor visas are as follows:

  • Visa subclass 600 allows a short family or business-related travel trip for a duration period of three, six or twelve months. However, there are full work restrictions attached.
  • Visa subclass 601 allows a business or visitor travel trip duration of 3 months each up to a total time period of 12 months. The eligibility criteria apply to only certain passport holders from pre-selected places located outside Australia.
  • Visa subclass 651 allows a business or visitor travel trip duration of 3 months each up to a total time period of 12 months. The eligibility criteria apply to only eVisitor passport holders from pre-selected places located outside Australia.

2) Working Holiday Visa (Subclasses 417 and 462)

These visas allow for a maximum of 4 months of study duration. The other entitlements provided by these set of working holiday visas are:

  • If people with a 417 visa complete three months of designated work in regional Australia, they are entitled to apply for a second year-long working holiday visa. 417 visa primarily allows the applicant to stay in Australia for 12 months and work for 6 months per employer. It also allows you to travel outside and return back multiple times till the visa validity lasts.
  • Visa 462 doesn’t allow a second year-long working holiday visa application. There are certainly educational and health parameters that need to be met.

3) Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

This visa lets you live, study and work temporarily in Australia even after graduation. It has three workstream provisions with specific eligible categories:

  • Graduate Work Stream – This type allows students to work after completing graduation only if they have qualifications and skills relevant to an occupation that is mentioned on the skilled occupation list.
  • Post-Study Work Stream–This type allows students who have recently graduated with a degree to work and live in Australia only if their course is CRICOS registered.

Now that you are acquainted with the entitlements of student visa subclass 500 and other alternate visa options to decide on the type of application you are going to opt for. Let’s discuss a few measures to ensure a successful student visa application.

1) Plan – Plan out your career goals and make a list. Do not leave out anything. Starting from courses available in the desired institute to back-up measures in case of changes with courses or personal details. Check for the eligibility criteria listed for specific universities and start preparing for English language test assessments. Plan out a proper schedule for implementing a systematic course of action.

2)Research – Research is a key factor to gain information, stay updated and be prepared for changes (if any). Research courses, opportunities, location accessibility, travel time and cost.

3) Consult – In case of doubts or queries, consulting immigration services is advisable. For instance, an immigration agent Adelaide will know the rules and regulations one might have to adhere to when planning to apply for a student visa Adelaide. A migration consultant Adelaide will be able to help you mitigate potential hurdles while applying due to local knowledge.

Following up is essential to expect outcomes. Wait out your visa outcome after properly abiding by all the factors that are essential throughout the process.