May 23, 2022

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Is Wearing Gloves And Mask An Effective Defense Against COVID 19?

Is Wearing Gloves And Mask An Effective Defense Against COVID 19?

Seeing the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are now wearing gloves and face masks to protect themselves. Masks have disappeared from shops as soon as the coronavirus has been spotted all over the world. People go to the medical store and demand a respirator mask, but due to high demand, it is being described as out of stock.

People are going out wearing masks and gloves to get the essentials. The mask is considered essential because it can prevent such viruses present in the air from reaching people through breath. By doing this, they are thinking that they will be safe from this contagious virus COVID-19, but it is not enough and largely inconclusive.

Why Wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Has Become a Necessity?

SARS – CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, is transmitted via droplets that fly out when we most commonly sneeze and cough. Experts say that if someone is already suffering from any disease then it is okay to apply their mask, because it prevents others from coming in contact with the sick. But when a healthy man applies a mask, a little carelessness in it can cause trouble. The reason for this is that even if the mask comes into contact with any infection, even if the virus stops breathing, it reaches the mask. N95 masks are most effective in protecting against coronavirus. But the government has suggested that these masks should be reserved for healthcare workers. You can use KN95 respirator instead of using N95 respirator mask.

In such a situation, if someone repeatedly puts their hands on his mask and touches other parts of the face, then there is an increased risk of such a person getting infected. It also comes in contact with the steam coming out of the mouth due to always keeping the mask and speaking something from within it, so that moisture can reach here, while this condition is very suitable for the strengthening of any virus or bacteria it occurs.

How to Wear N95 Masks For Effective Use?

N-95 masks also cannot be used for more days. Once used, it can be washed. But this affects the quality. N95 masks with valves do not provide protection to the person around the wearer. The cloth mask is best suited for the common people. If you are also using a surgical mask, after using it once, after sanitizing it can be wrapped in polythene and put in the garbage. Hospitals and health centres have a system of medical waste disposal. Here also these masks are disposed of after infection freeing. But, after using it, the common people are either throwing it somewhere along the way or disposing it along with the household waste. This poses a risk of community spread of infection.

IS Wearing Gloves Effective to Reduce Infection Chance?

Nitrile rubber gloves are an integral part of PPE kit which prevents the spread of germs when used properly. In view of the increasing effect of the coronavirus, the use of gloves is also advised so that the virus does not reach the other parts of the body by hand. But in this sequence, it needs to be noted that if it is not used properly it can prove to be dangerous. In fact, people become very carefree wearing rubber gloves in their hands and then touch everything that they can touch with bare hands. People often touch things that they avoid touching with bare hands, often wearing gloves. In this way, bacteria reach the gloves and if you touch your face or any part of your body, then the difficulties can be increased. Then due to the continuous wearing of gloves in the hands, the heat causes sweating, which is a very favourable environment for any bacteria or virus to grow and become stronger. If you want to buy PPE kits in wholesale, then it is ideal to look for a reliable supplier who supplies you nitrile gloves in bulk including face masks, gowns, disposable shoe cover, and more.