June 3, 2023

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Is the N95 mask washable?

Face mask is the newly found protective gear against infections, bacteria and viruses. Face masks must be embraced by everyone as it has become an essential accessory which is unavoidable. Everyone is trying to comply with the “new normal” ever since the WHO has mandated the use of face masks at social gatherings to curb the spread of coronavirus infection.

Ever since, face masks became mandatory, many designers and retail stores are giving a pool of fancy options to pick from, while some are DIY-ing face masks at home. We are not here to give you “face-mask trends” instead, here we will cover everything you must know about N95 masks.

It is important to protect yourself from the risk of bacteria and viruses these days given the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This can only happen if you practice social distancing, wear protective safe masks and wash hands frequently. N-95 face masks are recommended by doctors and experts as a protective gear against infections whenever you’re at a public gathering.

What are N-95 masks?

N-95 face masks, as the name suggests, provide 95% protection against pollutants, allergens and harmful gases floating in the air. N-95 masks price ranges between 200 INR to 500 INR depending on the type of filters, number of filters on the mask, respiratory valves and additional features. Make sure to buy masks that fit you properly. It must properly cover your mouth, nose and chin only then it will serve its purpose of allowing you to breathe clean and fresh air keeping you healthy and disease free.

You’ll find several brands offering N-95 face masks, make the smart choice. Before your purchase, make sure to read instructions properly. Every brand offers masks with unique features, so choose the one that suits your preferences.

 Is the N95 mask washable?

Mostly, N-95 masks are not washable. They can be used for 4-5 days and replaced with a new one. However, its washability can depend on the design of the mask. Some N-95 masks are not washable as it can damage its filter valves. The outer layer of some masks can be washed but only after removing the filter valves from the mask. Hence, read the package instructions before purchasing N-95 masks if it is washable or not.

Is the N-95 mask reusable?

N-95 face masks do have an expiry date. They can be worn repeatedly for 4-5 times after that it requires to be replaced with a fresh face mask because the masks will get worn out disallowing it to filter harmful pollutants. To make sure it protects you, you must replace it from time to time. So, it is wise to say, reusable N-95 masks also come with an expiry date. Check the packing instructions to calculate the total number of hours worn.

How effective is the N-95 face mask?

To improve the effectiveness of the N-95 face masks, it must fit your face properly as mentioned earlier. Most N-95 masks come with a nose clip that allows you to adjust the grip of the mask according to your face, so that you breathe filtered air. It is also advised to change your mask from time to time for better efficacy.

Last Words:

N-95 face masks are easily available in India both online and offline stores. It acts as a protective gear against harmful infections, bacteria and viruses. This face mask is highly recommended by doctors and experts before you step out of your home. It provides 95% protection against micro pollutants floating in the air, allowing you to breathe clean and fresh air for a healthy well-being. Make sure to wear masks that fit well-meaning, it should cover your nose, mouth and chin properly. Original N95 masks price ranges between 200 to 500 INR in India.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, N95 masks shouldn’t be washed or reused as they can act as protective gear for a limited time. Once their respirators are sealed with micron pollutants, it can get damaged, failing to which they further may not be able to filter those small particles. So, no surgical as well as N95 masks are advised to be reused. There is risk with the wearer of getting exposed to pollutants if used more than twice. (You can check package details for further details.) 

While disposing N-95 face masks, make sure to carefully wash your hands with soap.