December 4, 2022

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Improve Your English Skills With These Simple Techniques

English Skills courses

Are you planning to study in Australia? If yes, then you must have an adequate English language as English is the working language of Australia. You have to submit the necessary proof of your proficiency in the English language. This is one of the primary requirements of a student visa and also course application. English Courses Perth are always available for every student, but you can still become an exemplary English user if you follow a very simple methodology.

Accepted English language skills tests

In general, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship or DIAC is short, recognizes the four primary English language tests. These include TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and Cambridge English Advanced (CAE). Usually, the internet-based test of TOEFL, known as TOEFL iBT, is the widely accepted test. 

Almost every institution accepts scores of any of these tests, but there are institute-specific requirements too. So, whenever you apply, you should check whether you meet the English language requirements for each institution. Some may accept only one, while others may offer flexibility by accepting two to three or each of the tests mentioned above. And more importantly, you should also check what the proficiency level requirement of admission is. It generally depends on the types of courses you are getting enrolled in. If you choose a language-based course like mass communications, you will require a higher score.

Why is it important to improve English skills?

There are various reasons why you should improve your skills in the English language, which are as follows:

1- English is a widely spoken language:

English is the second most widely spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese. In addition to that, English is also spoken by a vast number of speakers whose mother tongue is not English. Combining these two pieces of information, we get that English is the most prominent language in terms of the number of people using it as a language. That gave rise to numerous dialects and variants of English all over the world.

2- English literature is highly enriched:

English literature is one of the world’s vast and most-read works of literature. From native to non-native speakers, people use English as their medium of writing. And because of diversity and variation in the forms of the language, the literature also emerged as very diverse. British English is different from American English; Canadian English is also the other form. Equally, Australian English is another variant that has its own characters and originality. 

3- English is the most used official language:

Among almost two hundred countries in the World, English serves as the most used official language in more than fifty countries. Official works, from form fill-ups to writing formal letters, all are carried out in English. And you should be very careful about keeping your writing mistake-free. And for that, you need proper training in English grammar and vocabulary because flawless writing eases the whole process.

4- English will provide you with access to other cultures:

Not just English, there are other languages too in this world. Literature in those languages also has great importance. It will not be possible for you to know those languages too. But, you can still read those writings, in English translations, of course. Not just books, you can also watch films subtitled in English.

 How can you improve your English skills?

There are several English courses in Perth available, which you can go for. But, here we are discussing some general techniques with which you can improve your English skills.

1- Appoint a tutor:

To study English in Perth, you should first look for an appropriate English tutor. Well, that may sometimes turn out to be very costly. But, there are other tutors too, who charge very low. And if you are currently a student, then you may contact your school or college. They may provide you with a comprehensive list of contacts or references. Who knows, you may find someone from your campus.

2- Practice with pals:

Your classmates are of your age and thus can have the ability to evaluate you in the best possible way. They can also help to learn the language better. You can practice your verbal skills with your pals in a group study. You can get to know about skills you require to carry on with a conversation. The more you speak with them, the more you will improve in technical terms. Even if you commit a mistake like mispronouncing a word or using wrong grammar, you will never feel much embarrassed, which you might feel in front of your teacher.

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3- Increase your reading time:

This is the most effective way to improve your English vocabulary stock and language comprehension. You can make a daily routine of reading books or periodicals or any other documents. You can fix a specific time of your day, when you will only read and that with rapt attention. This method will help you pick new terms, words, grammar rules, phrases. Thus, it will not only help you improve your reading skills, but also you can implement this knowledge in writing. One essential tip you can consider here is that you should look for any unfamiliar reading material. This may be an opinion piece penned down in a colloquial dialect of Australian English. Such a practice will give you the idea of informal English, too.

4- Make your own study matter:

If you enroll in any Perth English course, you are bound to get study materials from them. But, what to do if you are not registered? Well, you may have minimal resources, but that should not be the block in your path of studying English. You should make a self-assessment, where you can write essays or stories or features of entirely your choice. And can also record your English speaking and hear it so that you can evaluate your position. You can even get it corrected online.

Ending note

If you want to know about course details, you can search on the internet. You can also contact Education Agent Perth, who can provide you with information and a skilled and experienced education consultant in Perth for proper guidance.

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