December 4, 2022

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Important Points Must Be Remembered Before Going To Gold Buyers In Delhi

It is often seen in India that people turn to their gold investments when in need of money, especially jewellery and coins. Selling gold is a common practice in India, especially in big cities like Delhi. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the gold rate in Delhi offered by buyers is much lower than one’s expectation. To avoid the low selling price of gold, given below are a few essential points that you should keep in mind. 

1. Bill of item: A right buyer will always ask you for a bill before buying gold. It helps jewellers confirm the purity and quality of the gold. If you are visiting the same place from which you had purchased the item, years before, then in case of any disputes the buyer would not be able to contest as the details related to the product will be mentioned in the invoice. 

2. Purity of gold: before purchasing or selling any gold item, make sure that it is hallmarked. Hallmarking helps in determining the quality of gold. Any item that has a 916 hallmark means it is 91.6% purity of gold for 22 karats. Buyer prefers to buy an item marked with hallmark as there is no gold authenticity in non-hallmarked gold. If you have gold that does not have a hallmark on it, you should take it to a store with a carat meter and get gold purity. After getting the authenticity certificate, you can sell gold in Delhi without any problem.

3. Price of gold item: before visiting a buyer, you should know today’s selling gold price in delhi. It is essential to understand what your gold is worth. Take quotes from different buyers and choose the one that suits you the most as there is no determining method of determining the selling price of gold so these quotes can differ.  

4. Choosing a buyer: the best option is to go for a reputed buyer as the chance of getting a fair price, and a great deal is high. Some buyers also offer some extra amount if the product has been bought from their store. In Delhi, there are many trusted buyers where you can sell your gold for cash. Always check online reviewers before finalizing one as these reviews are given by sellers like you who have availed buyer’s services. 

5. Final price of a gold product: gold buyers will first melt the gold item and the extracted from this process is used for determining the cost of the item. In these cases, other precious stones and gems are discarded by the jeweller. Make sure that you get the value of those gems as well. If your product is old or unique, then it may be more valuable when intact. 


In India, most people sell gold for some extra money, and there are plenty of options in the market where you can sell gold. Keep the essential points given above in mind before finalizing a buyer.