May 18, 2022

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How To Set Up An Amazon PPC Campaign?

Amazon management consultancy service providers understand the requirements of your business and current Amazon marketplace to boost revenue. They have hands-on experience to provide a wide range of designing and advertising services. Pay-per-click PPC advertisement method is used to drive organic traffic to boost your online presence. However, experts design a strategic approach for PPC by keeping in view your budget.

If you want to know how to set up an Amazon PPC campaign, read this guide to get comprehensive information for lead generation.

Step #1: Sign In To Seller Central Account.

First, sign in to your seller central account. Click on the ‘’Advertising’’ option on the home page. Choose Campaign Manager from the Advertising menu.

Step #2: Set Up Campaign Budget & Duration

On the ‘’Campaign Manager Page’’, you will find the ‘’Set Your Campaign Budget And Duration’’ option.

  • Always choose a broad campaign name and create multiple ad groups within a campaign.
  • First, determine your monthly budget and then, set your daily budget.
  • Choose the beginning and end dates of your campaign.
  • Amazon auto-generates a campaign of keywords once you select the ‘’Automatic Targeting’’ option. If you are looking for data from customer searches, it will help you a lot. Similarly, ‘’Manual Targeting’’ helps you in choosing specific keywords based on your campaign.
  • Once the information is entered, click on the ‘’Continue To Next Step’’ option.

Step #3: Name This Group Of Ads

On the next page, add the group name. You can add multiple add groups to the same campaign. Always choose an appropriate name that can distinguish each group.

Step #4: Choose Products For Each Campaign

After this, you will select the products required for advertisement. Always select one product for each campaign.

Step #5: Set A Bid & Provide Keywords

At this stage, determine how much you are willing to spend on each product. Set your daily budget and keyword bid to determine required clicks per day. Make sure that you have selected an effective amount.

Step #6: Choose Your Keywords

Choosing keywords is the most challenging job. It is the trickiest and most difficult task. Amazon also suggests some keywords based on your search and product specifications. You can simply choose keywords from the suggested list of Amazon keywords. Select an appropriate keyword to match your requirement.

Click on the ‘’Provide Your Own Keywords’’ option, if you do not have specific keywords. Run this program and enter one keyword per line. Choose ‘’Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match’’ keywords for your campaign.

Step #7: Save & Finish

Once you have successfully entered all the keywords, click on the ‘’ Save & Finish’’ option at the bottom of the screen.

Step #8: Verify Campaign

Once you have successfully entered the required information, go back to the ‘’Campaign Manager’’ page. Here you will receive a ‘’Success’’message. It takes an hour to appear ads from the campaign in the searches.

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