September 21, 2023

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How To Prepare Yourself To The Job Interview As A Programmer?

Job Interview As A Programmer

If you’re here, you’re either invited for a job interview or you’re planning to look for a job as a programmer. Either way, it’s good to know what to do and what NOT to do while at it. Below you can find some useful pointers which might come in handy!


The usual part: always know your “enemy”

It’s not a secret, that when you’re looking for a job, you should know something about the company you’re applying to. It’s one of the most typical questions, which can be heard on each of the interviews: what do you know about us?


It’s a good thing to “do your homework” and find out something more than the fact that they are looking for someone with your knowledge. Try to learn about the company’s profile, look into some fun facts and check anything else that you think might be interesting for the person holding the interview. It won’t be anything they won’t know, but it’s a good thing to signal, that you’re interested. Just check the page of the company and give it a thorough read!


What are the usual questions?

It’s good to keep in mind, that some questions appear pretty much on any interview. The list of those can be easily found on the internet among the best answers to those. Things such as “where do you see yourself within 5 years” or “what are your biggest advantages” you should answer in a timely manner, not necessarily in a “template way”.


While we do not encourage you to undermine your chances and respond in a way which makes you look bad, keep in mind that some companies, such as Cut2Code, look for creativity and perhaps some boldness, even. Thus, it’s good to match your response to what you think the company might be looking, as well as the type of person you are. Never answer against your better judgement, even if some guides tell you otherwise. If the recruiter doesn’t like your answers, you probably wouldn’t feel good in that place anyway.


Remember: if you’re here, you’re good enough

If your experience isn’t big, or you just learned most of the IT things on your own, it’s nothing out of ordinary that you feel a bit insecure. Just keep in mind, that if you wrote only truth in your resume, then you match the job’s requirements in the recruiter’s opinion, so you’re good for the job. Don’t try to undermine yourself or make yourself look worse in the eyes of the person interviewing you: focus on your good traits and try to change the disadvantages in plus. Example? You might not know everything about programming, but you’re a fast learner: everything you know you’ve gathered on your own, in a matter of weeks/months!


Get yourself ready in all possible ways

It’s a good idea to be ready for the interview in more ways than one. Get your clothes ready the day before, get to the meeting point faster and try to make yourself ready for all the questions. Being prepared will make you calmer and will help you respond all the questions without stress!


If you’ll stick to our hints, you’ll stay calm and collected on the job interview and honestly, that’s the whole point. Keep in mind, that you have to present yourself in the best way possible and thus, it’s important to keep your mind clear.