January 26, 2023

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How to Find the Right Suppliers in Asia: Know How and Where

Right Suppliers in Asia

Do you find yourself in a position where you need to find suppliers, but don’t know how? If this is the case then it’s time to read on! This article will provide some great tips for finding suppliers. There are many reasons why people find themselves needing to find suppliers and more often than not it is because they have just set up their business. Perhaps they’re based overseas or maybe they’ve been running for a while and want to expand their operations, either way these tips can help you find the right supplier so that your business can thrive.

With over a quarter of the world’s population living in China and India alone, finding quality suppliers is easier than ever before. Here are some steps that will help you find those perfect suppliers:

  1. Start with researching companies that have already been successful with their business dealings in Asia.

Google is a great way to find suppliers. It will find other sources for you and help get suppliers in touch with you. This has been a good system for me in the past.

Similarly, find out if any of your friends have or know a supplier. If so, find their contact information and start communicating with them. If you don’t find anyone personally that has experience working in Asia before then search for the company name on LinkedIn to find people who work there. This way they will be able to help you find the right contact.

If you find a company and they don’t have any experience working in Asia before, find an employee that has worked there for a while to help guide you through the process of finding suppliers. Lastly, find out if your country’s embassy or consulate has contacts with specific companies from your region. They will be able to find suppliers more easily than you.

  1. Find a company that specializes in finding suppliers in Asia.

This way they will find the right suppliers who can help you find what you need instead of waiting for your search to yield results. Likewise, there are many pre-shipment inspection companies in China that help find suppliers in Asia. These companies specialize in finding the best suppliers for you in the region. This will save you time and find your quality suppliers.

  1. Search for the product you want on Alibaba, or find it on Amazon and contact the supplier directly

Alibaba is a well-known website that has many suppliers and products for you to find. It also has been helpful in finding much of my supplies. If you find a supplier on Alibaba, find out if they are willing to work with your company. If not, find another one that will do so.

Similarly, Amazon also has many suppliers for the items you want and can contact them directly through email or phone call to find what you need in Asia. This is an easy way because all of the suppliers are listed on the page and find what you need with a quick search.

  1. Create a list of questions to ask potential suppliers

Some questions that you may ask from the suppliers are:

  • How long is your lead time on orders?
  • Do you have any minimum order quantity?
  • Do you provide samples for an additional fee?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What costs come with shipping to my country?
  • Can I see a list of references from your company’s customers in Asia and other parts of the world?
  • What kind of packaging methods do you use for sea freight shipment or airfreight shipment to my location around the world.
  • Where are you located?
  1. Ask for certification documents such as ISO14001 or CE certificates when possible

Also, find out if the company you are contacting is using environmentally sustainable practices such as ISO 14001 or CE certificates.

ISO 14001 is an international standard that has been created in order to help companies find ways to minimize their impact on the environment. However, there are many companies that have been able to find certification and improve their environmental practices through ISO 14001.

CE stands for Conformité Européenne and it indicates that a product meets all the standards necessary to be sold in Europe. This includes safety, health, protection of employees, environment, etc. The certificate ensures that the manufacturing company has met these requirements set by European laws.

In addition, you can go for an ISO 9001 audit. The best way to find this information is by asking them for certification documents from an outside agency such as DNV, SGS, TUV, or BV. This way you can find out about their procedures and find the best supplier for what you need.