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June 18, 2021

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How to Decide the Kitchen Cabinets Colors – Fabuwood Cabinet

How to Decide the Kitchen Cabinets Colors - Fabuwood Cabinet

Probably, you have heard, many times colors bring life to any elements. So, either it’s your wall color or kitchen cabinets, they are vital. Paints are the actual space transformers. But, at the same time, you are redoing your kitchen with fabuwood cabinet; it tough to decide on the colors. And colors determine the mood and vibes in your kitchen.

No doubt kitchen cabinets take a huge budget. But, they add visual vibrancy to any area. But, keep in mind that you can complement the entire decor by using the right cabinet color. However, if you cannot find the desired color in the fabuwood cabinets collection, you can use some paints. Well, painting the cabinets yourself seems overwhelming. Well, the kitchen is the central part of any house.

Fabuwood Cabinet

If you are not an experienced buyer, don’t worry. We are here with the color selection guide. Hopefully, it will work for all.

1.  Look at the style of the cabinets

Using the design style of your cabinet as a guide can frequently make the decision easier for you. For example, classic colors like creams and whites will nearly always look lovely in a traditional kitchen. Similarly, brilliant whites and subtle creams go nicely with Shaker and Arts and Crafts styles.

Your choices are being substantially expanded if you have a modern kitchen, as strong tones and bright colors combine well with modern design. For example, do you like the colors red, green, or yellow? They can frequently be found in modern kitchens.

2.  Consider kitchen size

Kitchen size is vital. For this reason, first of all, determine the kitchen size. For instance, it is small, large, or medium. Moreover, over find out the functionality. These are the critical parameters. Because dark cabinets work well in large kitchens. And, small kitchens look well with light and neutral tones. Keep in mind if you are using dark techniques in small kitchens, you always need extra lights. Else, your kitchen will look messy. Finally, never underestimate the power of sunlight. Indeed they can make or break a space.

3.  Look at the quality of fabuwood cabinet

Always keep in mind, kitchen cabinet quality is a vital parameter. Make sure that your cabinets are functional and practical. For this reason, try to buy those cabinets that have high quality. So, you can paint it easily. In addition, you can use some organization hacks so that you can utilize all th dead space.

Moreover, you can also add additional lights to enliven the space. With high-quality cabinets, colors and paints play well. On the other hand, poor quality is just a splurge.

4.  Resale value

Most often, people have no idea that how long they are going to live in the house. However, if there are any chances for your movement in the future, spend wisely. Therefore, try to stick with neutral colors because people love light tones. Moreover, light colors are easy to paint. So keep all these points in mind. Also, make sure your cabinets will affect a vast population.

5.  Follow contrast

With fabuwood cabinet, you can add color contrast. Well, it is a good idea. For this reason, you can add a black and white contrast. Balck cabinets with neutral color make your kitchen vibrant. However, you can also combine black with grey. This is the perfect combination for modern homes. Painting the cabinets is a fun game. So, do it wholeheartedly.

6.  Multiple tones

Kitchen cabinets columbus with multiple colors look stylish. Well, it depends on you. Whether you want to be bold or dramatic. Adding two colors in fabuwood cabinet looks fantastic. These colors add additional drama to your kitchen. However, for safe play, you can add a combination of dull and bold.

For this reason, your kitchen island plays a vital role. Well, you can paint the kitchen island with bold color and cabinets with a light tone. This is a good combination. Indeed it works in all kitchen styles. Moreover, it all adds fun and excitement at the same time.

7.  Add a wood stain

Perhaps, people do not love the simple wood look as it seems dull and boring. For this reason, you can add a stain to your wood cabinets. Staining the cabinets will maintain the beauty. And yes, it also allows them to last longer. However, keep in mind this will not affect the style and look of the cabinetry.

8.  Fabuwood cabinet with a distressed finish

If you are going to paint the cabinets, a distressed finish is a good option. This style is highly versatile. Because it needs less upkeep, however, these surfaces are also accessible to paint. So now you can renew the kitchen look at any time.


Fabuwood cabinet with neutral tones looks adorable. But still, there is an equal chance that they might feel boring to some people. Moreover, you can add bold styles as well. However, if you want to add something between light and dark, you can add two tones. For instance, add dark shade in the upper half and light shade in the lower half. Indeed this will work as the best combination.

With a fabuwood cabinet, you can add visual interest to your kitchen. However, for adding a dramatic vibe, you can add dark shades. No matter, either you are redoing the cabinets with new paint or buying a new collection, always look at the quality. Because it is something that is going to last for many years.