September 21, 2021

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How To Create Modern And Custom Android Battery Boxes?

The demand for android in recent times

The android is the innovation that changes the lifestyle of people and makes them more advanced. And, it never needs any introduction because the extensive use and addiction of android is an exit in front of everyindividual eye. In the recent era, people sleep at night after checking their android phones and wake with lifting phones in their hands to check important messages, notifications, reminders of the to-do list, and some use for academic and research purposes. It becomes our prior need due to our social networking through online social media platforms. The use of extensive smartphones opens the doors for app development to grow up the business world. Let me know about major accessories of android phones.

Main accessories of android phone

Every electronic device needs some accessories to provide ease for its users. Although the use of the iPhone becomes more common but still not low down the use of android smartphones. The list of smartphones accessories is huge, but some are mentioned for you. For instance, wireless air buds, batteries, phone sanitizers, phone back covers pop stick to grip phone and stand, advanced magnetics charging, devices, and many more. Here are two types of batteries that are used in android and smartphones:

  • Li-ion Batteries- Such batteries provide a high energy density for your android and are common in the industry. It is the longest battery for smartphones, and it is made of a positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte. Plus, you can easily be switched off and replaceable by users.
  • LiPo Batteries- Such batteries are the most advanced in the smartphones industry. These batteries have a low self-discharge level, and the weight of these batteries is low from the Li-ion batteries.

Add to this; those batters who have more MAH (Milliamp hours) work more batter than others. Likewise, smartphones are pack in mobile packaging boxes. Similarly, their accessories also pack some kind of box and packaging. But here is the question raises why android and especially batteries require packaging.

Why do android and its batteries require secure packaging?

In our surroundings, we have many elements and chemical compounds in the atmosphere that affect our electronic devices. Like moisture, more humidity, dust, zinc, and carbon, that being the layers of chemicals on the internal joints and chips in electronic devices. So, if a brand sells open smartphones and ship its products in only a polythene bag, it portrays the negative image of your brand in the industry and customers. Plus, the fragile smartphones damage and break down in shipping mishandlings. So, protection is only possible with the use of custom mobile packaging boxes. In this regard, you can use premade and custom packaging, but every brand chooses only a customized solution for up-to-the-mark mobile packaging.

Explore the best android battery packaging supplier

Your first step is to find the best packaging supplier that catersto all your needs. You can create custom packaging boxes for your mobile, but if you want boxes for android batteries, then you can visit Amazon for bulk boxes. Add to this; if you want to customize a stylish and esthetic android battery box,you can visit City Of Packaging today. They offer countless customized options that you can opt for as per your choice. Let see what type of custom options you can use to make your android phones batteries.

Pick waterproof and sturdy cardstock

Android phone batteries need to stay away from the wetness and moisture of the environment. So, make your battery protective by using waterproof and robust material that ensures the provision of strong walls to hold your inside content. Here is the list of cardstock that you can use for your android batteries.

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

All the above-mentioned cardstock superbly worksto protect your batteries from damage. Cardboard providesa sleek, shiny, and smooth surface to your android battery boxes. On the other hand, Kraft has the super ability to absorb moisture and nature-friendly option to deal with our climate situation. Moreover, corrugatedhas sandwiched zigzag flutes between two linerboards. The use of zigzag flutes makes your box strong and durable to bear the weight of your products. You can make boxes of various sizes of batteries by using such valuable material. If you want custom packaging boxes from any above-mentioned cardstock, you can visit the City Of Packaging for more info. They provide budget-friendly and eco-friendly battery cartons for theiresteemedclients.

Choose the best box style for your android batteries

Now it’s time to choose the best and stylish customized packaging for your android batteries. The structural dimension of your style is enough to firmly secure your batteries with full potential. Plus, your android packaging must be user-friendly at the time of unboxing. It means your customers remove them easily. So, here is the list of some styles of packaging that perfectly suit your android batteries.

  • Window – Window android boxes have PVC insertion and window die-cut on one side of the box. Plus, you can use a single side window and double side window as per your choice.
  • Five-panel hanger- This box has four sides but has one extra side on the top that hasa hole to hang your battery on the walls and to hang on countertop display stands.
  • Sleeves- Some brand packs their batteries in plastic wrap and have only sleeve on the battery.
  • Blister card display – Such packaging is also considered the best display packaging because it has the cardboard back with PVC strong plastic sheet that has pocket according to the batter size and holds the products with cardboard strongly. Also, it has a punch hole on the top side of the blister card to easily hand on the display stands.
  • Seal end boxes- These boxes are more secure due to having strong gluing and adhesive material from both sides of the box and providing airtight protection to the inside packaged content.
  • Straight tuck-end boxes– These boxes have tuck-end panelsin the samedirection from bottom to top. Plus, it is durable and easily opens without any issue.

But most of the brands use five-panel hangers, seal end boxes, straight tuck-end, and blister card packaging to pack the android batteries. So, you can pick the right one as per your choice. But if you are searching the platform from where to buy such sort of packaging, then the City Of Packaging is the right choice for you.

Use of trays and inserts for android batteries

To make your brand renowned in the industry, you can present your smartphone’s battery in custom boxes with tray packaging. In this regard, you can use cardboard and plastic-made trays inside the box to increase the security of your products. It looks like the SAMSUNG smartphone packaging that hasa tray to hold the phone in 2-pice and sleeve boxes.

Be simple and minimal while design android battery packaging

Mobile phones, watches,and other technical devices are pack in a box that design according to the minimalistic approach but have enough durability to catch the products inside the box. As similar to Apple iPhone that has simple and sleek packaging with a white 2-pice box but sturdier cardstock.

Play with the printing option to make your box informative

Most people don’t know how to technically deal with these gadgets. At that time, the printing information on the box helps them to know about the security measures, precautions and find the way to use these devices. So, as a smartphone battery seller, your custom android battery boxes must have complete and comprehensive information about your brand and product. Here are some elements that youmust add to your boxes:

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Trademark
  • QR Scan
  • Precautions
  • Process to use
  • Duration of shelf life
  • Category of battery like Li-ion Batteries and LiPo Batteries

Tuck-end the up discussion

The discussion mentioned aboveprovides information about android and its accessories. Plus, it tells the importance of packaging for android and its batteries. Apart from this, this article shows various ways that you can use to customize android batter boxes. So, to make such types of custom boxes, you need to use the quality cardstock, protective and esthetic style of boxes, trays, Eva foam, and countless printing options to create sublime and up-to-the-mark battery boxes. Hopefully, this article guides you in designing the best custom packagingboxes for your batteries.