How Are Geolocation Services A Great Way To Target Consumers?

Geolocation introduces an array of opportunities to businesses, helping them target customers and increase the conversion rate. Using this new and advanced feature, the advertising industry gets a new momentum to promote or show ads to the customers that have a higher intention to visit your shop or buy products from you. The success rate of this geolocation-based advertising is so huge that no company wants to feel left out from it. There are many companies that are also showing great confidence in targeting buyers using this feature, and they also set different geolocation pricing to help small and large businesses get more customers and profit.

What is geolocation advertising?

Geolocation advertising is one of the most used geolocation services. This advertising will target customers or buyers, depending on their location. Businesses with physical stores can earn great benefits from such advertising as this particular type of promotion will increase the footfalls at stores.

With the help of geolocation advertising, companies attract the attention of buyers, who stay close to the business, with promotional messages, rewards, and offers.

In comparison with common forms of advertising, geolocation advertising scores higher to give you better customer attention. With this service, you can perform an array of things, such as:

  • Target specific customers according to their locations.
  • Get more new customers who are not much aware of your business.
  • Collect accurate information on customers’ behavior.
  • Provide customized or special offers for customer retention.

The benefits you get from geolocation services are hardly achievable by other forms of advertising. Winning the limitations of traditional promotional methods, geolocation advertising has become one of the best approaches to find and get customers for your businesses. Geolocation pricing can vary on different factors, such as the location you target, the business competition you have, the profile of your target audience, and more. 

Common forms of advertising such as TV ads and billboards fall short to attract the attention of people. Earlier, telephonic communication was the only way of connecting customers personally. But, geolocation advertising defines the new form of business promotions, and the benefits it has are really huge.

Different types of geolocation advertising:

Geolocation marketing has different types, each of which is beneficial and useful for planning different business strategies.


Geo-targeting is useful for targeting an entire city or state because targeting a specific audience is not possible with this service. It tracks IP addresses, so a wide location or an entire region is good for geo-targeting.


Geofencing allows you to target your customers more precisely because it tracks the GPS system of smartphones instead of the IP addresses. So, you can identify your audience even when they are moving from one place to another. Geofencing is also helpful for targeting big regions also. Marketers use geofencing to attract foot traffic to their stores, but this form of service is not very effective for conveying a marketing campaign to increase engagement.


Beacons are the most precise customer targeting option among all. It is a small device that business owners place near their business stores to gather details from Bluetooth signals of smart devices. The data captured by this device will help businesses track customers who enter the business zone. This way, you can plan the best marketing strategies to attract them to your business. 

If you increase customers at your store, you can go with the geofencing choice, because it offers the best marketing advantages. 

How does geolocation service help your business?

The advancement of technologies ensures the real growth of your business. It can benefit your business in many ways, including:

  • Customizing special offers to your loyal clients.
  • Target customers precisely to get more profit.
  • Getting new customers.
  • Establishing a better relationship with customers.

Geolocation pricing depends on the services you choose for your business. To handle all technical details, you need professionals who perform the job flawlessly. DB IP has a renowned name in offering geolocation services to businesses. Small and large businesses have already trusted the company for getting more profits in their promotional strategies. You will get a complete solution in geolocation services for your business at DB Ip. 

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