February 1, 2023

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Different Kinds Of Doctors Associated During The Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a dark disease which are of various kinds and is treated differently. During the process, you might need more than one specialist for your treatment. Hence, almost every cancer therapy needs a team of doctors specializing in various domains at once. Cancer is cured in three ways: Radiotherapy, Surgical Procedure, and Medicinal Treatment comprising of Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, and Hormonal Therapy. Every therapy is performed by a different therapist or in other words, a specialized doctor. These treatments depend on the stage of cancer and condition of a patient, and therefore not every person has to undergo all three kinds of therapies. The Oncologist or a cancer specialist is classified accordingly as below:

  1. Radiotherapy Doctor: A radiation oncologist performs the treatment using radiotherapy. It uses various radiating rays to destroy genetic material inside the cancer cells and prevents them from growing.
  2. Surgical Procedure Doctor: Such kinds of doctors perform pre and post-cancer treatments like Biopsy. They also specialize in removing the tumor and cancer tissues surgically.
  3. Medical Oncologists:  They are indeed the most common doctors performing Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, and Hormonal Therapy to cure cancer. For regular checkups with them, you should Contact Experts.

What are the various kinds of doctors associated with Cancer treatment?

Cancer is not a battle fought alone by one particular doctor, but a team of oncologists and doctors while treating a special cancer case. Enumerating a few of them:

1. Hematologist / hemato-oncologists:

They specialize in providing remedies related to blood, bone marrow transplant, Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

2. Surgical Oncologist:

During the therapy, there arises the need of removing the cancerous tumor or tissues surgically, such kind of surgery is performed by a surgical oncologist. They perform the biopsy to diagnose cancer at a stage earlier than this.

3. Plastic Surgeon:

There may also the instances to conceal or reconstruct the affected area after surgery. It is performed by a plastic surgeon giving a newness to that affected area.

4. Psychiatrist:

Cancer is traumatic and most people lose their willpower and desperation to live longer. The psychiatrist provides mental assistance for the well-being of a patient and helps them to fight against the challenges of this deadly disease.

Eligibility of a good Cancer Specialist:

  • A decent cancer specialist owes years of experience in a specific field. Hence, it is always important to research the doctor’s years of experience in his specialization.
  • Just having multiple certificates of achievement on a specialist’s wall is not enough. The patient family should understand his areas of specialization. Also, ask your doctor if he has published journals regarding cancer treatment, which could be another way of testing a doctor’s knowledge.
  • Your doctor must encourage two-way communication, which means he should respond to your queries accurately and diligently.

There are many oncologists experienced in various fields, but not many are known for their magical hands. RGCIRC is one of the institutions having a panel of prominent oncologists curing cancer with excellence which has been attracting patients from all over the globe.