September 21, 2023

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Denver The mesmerizing place to visit

Things to do in Denver

Denver is a beautiful place, and you can do so much in Denver. Below mentioned are the Things to do in Denver:

Film on the Rocks- this has a magnificent natural setting with food, drink, concerts, and of course movies. Showing a variety of films for multiple audiences, the line-up includes Wayne’s World, The Notebook, and Anchorman to name a few. Packages are available to include VIP seating, tours and the food and drink are highly recommended. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Mount Evans

Mount Evans is the clearly visible mountain backdrop in Denver and while it’s amazing and inspiring from afar, there is no better way to experience the grandeur but on Mount Evans scenic byway, its paths and trails. You’ll witness an array of different plants and animals that have found their niche at different altitudes traveling along the roads. Be sure to bring a jacket as the temperature can drop nearly 50 degrees. Enjoy the ascent!

Georgetown Loop Railroad

The historical Georgetown Loop Railroad is about 45 miles west of Denver and is regarded as an engineering feat from its formation in the late 1800’s at the peak of the gold rush. The railroad was nearly forgotten when it closed down after the gold rush and the advent of automobiles. It wasn’t reopened to the public later. Today, passengers can take a short but thrilling ride peering over the majesty of the rockies and enormous drops. Tours can include a nice meal with drinks, old mining tours, or a simple ride a few miles along the track.

Cherry Creek Bike Path

Whether you choose to rent or bring a bike, this well-maintained path is a great way to enjoy your urban surroundings without the traffic or rush of the city. Start your adventure at the Cherry Creek outdoor mall and return for some enjoyable window shopping. The peaceful scenery along the way is also great for getting rid of a little stress and the ride is rather flat for Denver. So, go out and get a little fresh, crisp Colorado air while remaining close to the action.

Great Divide Brewery

From Coors to Breckenridge there are many beer options in Colorado. One of our favorites is the Great Divide Brewery. The tap room is open 7 days a week starting at 2 pm and happy hour goes from 4-6 daily and they host local food trucks if you get hungry during your stay.

Great American Beer Festival

For you’ll find over 2,0000 craft brews from all across the country during the three-day event. However, you can buy tickets for a single event if sampling beer for three days sounds daunting. Not the place for you if you don’t like to mingle. As around 50,000 others will be dressed for the occasion wearing goofy outfits and “sampling” along with you. There are ample forms of public transformation from area hotels and key points in the city so leave your car behind for obvious reasons.