June 18, 2021

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Cloud Computing: Importance in the IT Industry

Cloud Computing

When you hear the word cloud, many people imagine ” cloud = cloud “. In fact, it seems that the image of this “cloud” comes first and hinders the understanding of the cloud. First of all, let’s forget about “clouds” and take “pizza delivery” as an example and talk about it.

When ordering a pizza delivery service, most people look at the leaflet of the pizza shop in the mailbox at home and order by phone. After 30 minutes, the pizza shop on the bike will deliver the boxed pizza.

There is a little wonder here. Many people don’t see a pizzeria until the pizza is delivered to their home. Where is the pizzeria I called? Where is the pizza baked? I am ordering without knowing such things.

The cloud service is one of the services that can be used even though you do not know “where is it?”, “Where is it made?”, “Who is working?”. We use many products and services even if we don’t know where. You can get Cloud Computing Certification in Chandigarh.

What is a cloud service?

The cloud (cloud computing) is one of the forms of computer usage. Users use services provided by computers (servers) connected to networks such as the Internet on their personal computers and smartphones via the network.

One of the features of the cloud is that the location (where?) Of the computer (server) is not conscious when using it. It’s like using a computer in the cloud from the ground. And the service provided in the form of cloud is called ” cloud service “.

In the conventional computer usage pattern, the user uses the software and data in the personal computer at hand. However, cloud services use software and data in the cloud (cloud) in the form of services via networks.

An example of a cloud service that you are using without knowing “where?”

Webmail is a typical example of cloud services. “Gmail” and “Yahoo! Mail” are famous. These webmail services are unaware of where the server is. Let’s take a closer look at how it differs from regular email.

For example, many companies have a mail server in their company or in the data center they use, or use a rental mail server. And in order to send, receive and read emails, I use software such as “Windows Live Mail”, “Outlook” and “Thunderbird” installed on my computer.

The word cloud was coined because it was usually not the cloud If the service that everyone uses, such as webmail, is the cloud, why did the word ” cloud ” come up now? That’s because many PCs and systems up until now weren’t in the “cloud.” In particular, most of the software used for business operations in the company was not in the cloud.

As the most obvious example, let’s talk about applications such as Excel and Word. Where are these applications (software)? Most people will answer that it is on their computer. And I think that the table and word processor text data created by the application are also placed in a clear place such as in a personal computer or a server. This state is not in the cloud.

Recently, I have begun to realize that it is more advantageous to use the cloud for such “non-cloud services”. Therefore, in contrast to the conventional “how to use a system that has software and data in a specific place”, “how to use a system that has software and data in an unknown place” is called a cloud. Words began to be used. You can get Cloud Computing Training in Dubai to improve your skills.