Champions Queue: What Is Champions Queue?

Champions Queue

Champions Queue is a prestigious invitation-only League of Legends server run by Riot Games that serves as an ideal training and proving ground for academy and professional players. It was designed in the form of an individual queues, Champions Queue was launched on February. 7th, 2022. It was described being ” the latest evolution of competitive systems that are high-level.” Its goal of creating a competitive atmosphere where professional, as well as academy athletes, could compete in tournament-style games with no interruptions from griefers, trolls or soft inters. Although the basic concept of Champions Queue is a step ahead, particularly for players who compete in League, Champions Queue isn’t quite the success Riot was hoping for.

After just one break, Champion Queue began showing its real colors, or more accurately issues. As per Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung one of the most difficult issues was the absence of interest and participation in Champions Queue. While Champions Queue is an exclusive server, Riot ensured enough players were able to sign up for the queue. In reality, the real reasons that players left were the differences in skill between the players, the lack of communication, and the tournament-like draft that doesn’t inspire players to experiment and try out new ideas instead, they stick to the traditional selections.

The tournament, Worlds 2022 kicking off on September. 29th, Riot once again opened Champions Queue to welcome the most dedicated and reliable players from across the globe. The idea was seen as a last ditch effort to make Champions Queue, the queue has been battling a an intense community protests that began with the ex-pro athlete Tim “Nemesis” Lipovsek. Instead of subsiding the issue, the backlash grew with the creator of the content Christian ” IWDominate” Rivera and Leaguecaster and coach Nick ” LS” De Ces who are examining the queue due to inconsistencies , and Riot putting more emphasis on North American players over Europeans. The drama doesn’t end there. Nemesis, LS, and IWDominate were blamed of the forum r/Leagueoflegends of spreading false information to their followers.

To clear the mystery of this Champions Queue and see what exactly lies ahead for this particular queue, we dug into the inner workings of Champions Queue, its current condition, and possible outcomes.

Riot Doesn’t Follow Its Own Rules

In the month of February Riot posted a extensive blog that explained the main idea of Champions Queue, minimal requirements and the total cost for the initial split. Because the primary purpose of this server is to serve as the training arena for academy and professional players The server was initially allowed players who had achieved at least Master status in the single queue. This was changed on April 13th, and was followed by Riot raising the threshold to Grandmaster. In addition one trick ponies which are also called OTPs or OTPs for short are now completely excluded from the server despite the fact that they meet the rank requirement.

While the rules meant to keep the high standards of the Champion Queue high, Riot has violated its own rules by inviting OTPs such as Rege who has more than 700 matches on Rengar Content creators such as Samson “Lourlo” Jackson, substitute players who do not participate in a competitive manner like Emanuel “Fatorix” Mendez, and even retired players such as Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and Eugene “Pobelter” Park. Because Riot violated the rules, you’d think that the developers would invite famous Leaguecontent producers such as Sanchovies, Danny “Shiptur” Lee along with Michael “imqtpie” Santana, however all of their requests were rejected for unknown reasons.

In addition to this, former professional and now caster Marc “Caedrel” Lamont, who was initially admitted for Champions Queue, learned only few days before traveling to America. U.S. that he’s no more eligible to join Champions Queue since he’s playing on any roster that is currently qualified by Worlds 2022. Nemesis was in a similar position as Caedrel However the caster didn’t get any justification for this abrupt decision.

Ignored Quality-Of-Life Changes

Professional players occasionally, with only a few breaks between splits frequently been playing Champions Queue hoping to unleash its full potential and be better prepared for games. It was no surprise that pros were full of suggestions on what they could do to make improvements to the performance of the server to ensure its integrity, and to improve game quality. Thus, pros proposed mandatory voice comms for players as well as a regular pick and ban phases, as well as the creation of a queue based on skill that would instantly boost gaming quality. However, Riot adopted none of these ideas to improve its queue, but instead focused on attracting players who have low quality of play. Although this is an improvement, of the previously mentioned issues remain unsolved. If Riot took the time and effort in fixing Champions Queue players’ participation and reception will likely have gone at an all-time high.

Games Like The Champions Queue Are An Unbalanced, Low-Quality Nightmare

Because of Riot in a way that is skewed towards accepting and reducing the players of Champions Queue, the finest Leagueplayers suffer the consequences of low-quality matches which tend to be to be decided within only the initial 10 minutes prior to the game’s beginning. This is due because of Champions Queue letting in OTPs as well as low-ranked players who simply aren’t able to keep pace with semi-professional and professional players. Because Riot does not control Champions Queue in any way to provide a satisfying experience for everyone, some games can end up being a 15 minute sprint. Because that this happened, Champions Queue fell down to around 20-30 regular players during the initial split which made the lines extremely long.

These are some of the well-known examples from the Champions Queue:

Riot Hinders Its Promotion Champions Queue

We’ve mentioned before that Riot cancelled Caedrel’s as well as Nemesis invitations to Champions Queue just days before they set off to their trip to the U.S. According to Nemesis that this was an opportunity missed since Leaguesteamers as them, who frequently attract more than 5,000 viewers on Twitch they are pushing League and the esports world from left to right. The plan is to play Champions Queue, and therefore boost interest in the queue substantially. It could result in an investment in long-term viewership and professional players participating in Champions Queue on a regular regularly. Because Riot decides on its own which streamers who sign up to the server Champions Queue probably won’t attain its full potential, and will eventually become a true professional training facility for professionals.

Do Champions Queue’s Efforts Fail Badly?

Overall, Champions Queue is an fantastic idea that is not properly executed because of Riot disregarding the comments of players, allowing low-skilled players and not marketing the server enough to realize its full potential. As expected, Champions Queue will have a player base that is guaranteed during Worlds 2022. However the precise destiny of Champions Queue remains unanswered. If Riot takes responsibility for its pants and acknowledges it is in the hands of Champions Queue is in its hands and the server is likely to see a decline in its popularity and the number of players. There’s plenty of time to correct these repeated mistakes and re-energize the server into an ideal place for top League players seeking to test their limits and hone their skills to the highest level.

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