What Age Can Teenagers Buy their Own Auto Insurance?

Usually, parents put their children on their policy and this works out a lot cheaper than arranging a separate vehicle insurance for a teenager. Parents usually have a long driving history, good credit score and perhaps no traffic tickets. Also, age is a significant factor in calculating premiums.


However, things may not be perfect in that front and you may be contemplating on alternatives and that is why asking questions like can a minor get car insurance? Also, what if there aren’t any parents to insure you or they don’t have a policy of their own for whatever reason. Maybe they are too old to drive or living in a large city with good transports that they don’t feel like they need their own private transport.


At What Age You Are Considered an Adult?

For all intents and purposes, people need to be at least 18 years of age to be considered responsible adults in the eyes of the law. This narrows down the answer to the above question. At 16 and 17 you are not old enough to sign documents on your own. Also, in some states youngsters can get their license earlier than 16.


Automobile insurance is a contract and therefore a legal document. Someone has to give consent to being insured and has to have consent to pay for it. This is the legal side of things and there are ways to get around it.


How Can I Minor Buy Auto Insurance?

Until a person turns 18, usually parents or legal guardians decide for them. On this occasion, a policy can be bought under a minor’s name as long as his guardian signs for it. So, a parent can arrange coverage solely for his child and that would be legal and most carriers wouldn’t have any problem with it.


The premiums can be very high in that case because the vehicle insured will be driven mainly by a teenager. When they are insured under someone else’s cover the youngster would be assumed to be sharing the use of the auto and therefore at times it would be driven by more mature people.


Furthermore, the vehicle would belong to parents and they would have a better check on who is driving, at what hours and where he/she is going. This overall authority gives the providers confidence that there is some level of policing over a young driver’s actions.


Why Would a Minor Need His/Her Own Policy?

First of all, some of them are more mature than their age. They already have jobs and are aware of their responsibilities. In any case, there are times a separate arrangement may be necessary or even cheaper. Things like DUI, Bankruptcy or a recent large at fault accident can make even a mature driver’s coverage very expensive.


For example, some companies wouldn’t insure a teenage driver with a sporty car like BMW X5. If a parent owns such a vehicle and wants to keep it, a different car and insurance for a teenager in the house may be necessary. Otherwise, he/she won’t have the chance to learn and improve while still under the watchful eyes of a parent.


There are many reasons to go this route and it can be done as long as you follow the rules and a guardian authorises it. Strangely enough, parents may still be held responsible for their children’s driving since they are expected to watch over them.


So, parents aren’t really off the hook no matter which way they go. They are still liable to a point whether they insure the teenager under their policy or buy him a separate one. Besides, with a sensible approach you can get cheap car insurance for a youngster.

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