December 5, 2022

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Buying a Medical Insurance – Four Stages to Focus

Medical Insurance in Pakistan

Medical Insurance in Pakistan

The horrifying impact of Covid-19 has made us realise the importance of Medical Insurance. It has affected the lives of people both emotionally and financially. Along with the loss of loved ones people are also facing financial trauma that is why now everyone knows about the importance of Medical insurance in Pakistan, in fact; not just in Pakistan around the whole world. Buying an insurance policy in these situations not just give us relief regarding financial problems.

So having a Medical Insurance Plan can give the sigh of satisfaction that the financial loss will be less. An individual can take care of close ones in the best possible manner instead of paying hefty hospital bills. Not specifically just Covid time but, life is all about different phases and stages. That can bring numerous difficulties and Health issue is one of them. Preparation is a must for facing unwanting situations and Medical Insurance in Pakistan can be a smart choice for the people living here. It can provide a helping hand in case of medical emergencies.

Four Stages to Focus While Buying a Medical Insurance Plan

Different stages of life bring different health Insurance problems, in that case, the most highlighted points to focus on are as follow.

Need for Medical Insurance after Getting Married:

Marriage can always be a new start and making sure that you and your spouse are having sufficient medical coverage is something wise to think. Make sure that you and your spouse get peace of mind and can prevent lives from huge financial losses. Hospitalization coverage, medical billing coverage or a Personal Medical insurance can protect your new start.

Planning your family- Cover self and spouses

Planning a new life and getting a Medical Insurance policy for your spouse and a newborn can give you relief not just. Because of maternity bill, delivery charges, post-natal care expenses are cover. But also because it can provide coverage for up to 90 days after a newborn’s arrival. Which means that it can also provide coverage for vaccination and other medical procedures. Buy a Medical insurance plan for the best treatment of your spouse and baby.

Medical Insurance for Children:

Being a parent it is your responsibility to get ready for it mentally and financially. It is something, that can make your life easier and can provide a facility for better treatment for your child. You have to buy a plan that can give critical illness coverage along with other needs and requirements. You have to design your plan according to your need and have to choose the best.

Medical cover During Old Age:

The most critical time for illness is the old age. You can get double of illness complain during the elderly age, so it is best to plan from the start for a secure and easy future.

There are many companies which can provide Medical Insurance in Pakistan and can give you the opportunity to live a safe healthy and stress-free life with worrying about medical bills. Name of Insurers includes Jubilee General Insurance, EFU Life, SPI Insurance, UIC Pakistan, and some others.

Medical Insurance in Pakistan
Medical Insurance in Pakistan

Insurers offering Medical Insurance Plan in Pakistan:

There are many different Insurance companies in Pakistan, that can offer the best Medical Insurance plan.

  • Coverage for Pre and Post hospitalization fee
  • Ambulance fee
  • Routine medical check-up coverage
  • Coverage against in-hospital expenses

Here is the list of three Insurance companies in Pakistan that offers different coverage in Medical Insurance policy

  1. Jubilee Insurance

 It is one of the leading company that can cover you in the most appropriate way


  • Provides cashless benefits with the help of a massive network of hospitals
  • No medical tests are needed to avail the facility of cashless hospitalization
  • Cover for PEC
  • Customer can cancel the policy within 14 days if not satisfied
  • Family health card are available for extra coverage
  • The facility of the second opinion
  • EFU Life Insurance

It is a company with a wide range of offering in regard with Medical Insurance in Pakistan


  • Intensive care
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Operating theatre charges
  • In-hospital charges
  • Out-hospital charges
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Consultation fee
  • Pre and post hospitalization fees
  • IGI Insurance

It is another professional in the insurance company that can give you desirable results.


  • Hospital room charges
  • Hospital services fee including:
  • Physician
  • Surgeon
  • Anaesthetist
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prescribed Pathological
  •  Radiological investigations
  •  Blood transfusions
  • Operation theatre charges
  •  Physiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Post-hospitalization medical care