December 4, 2022

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Brief History of The Contemporary Fashion from The Lands of Pharaohs

Ancient egypt design clothes

Ancient egypt design clothes

The ancient Egyptians were incredibly specific about their personal appearance and cleanliness. Individuals with poor grooming were considered substandard. Both women and men wore jewelry and indulged in cosmetics. One specific jewelry item, the amulet, was considered to protect the wearers and provide them strength. Flax produced by farmers was woven into fine linen for making clothing.

Egypt has always been a country of divinity and kinship. Ancient Egyptians adored fashionable apparel along with other traditional accessories. Their clothing was simple yet elegant. They used to pay a great deal of attention to their appearance. The ancient Egypt design clothes were crafted, designed, and worn with a lot of care and consideration.

The particular clothing style of Egyptians provided them with a great cultural outlook in fashion history. Egyptians created their garments to be lightweight so as to match the warmer climate of the region. Most of the Egyptian clothes were crafted using plant fibers. Linen clothes were prevalently worn throughout the warm weather.  

In the present age, fashion trends come and go quickly with changing seasons. However, ancient Egypt design clothes and fashion transformed very little in the 3000 years of ancient Egyptian history. In the Old Kingdom, individuals wore plain garments that did not need much stitching. Both men and women wore draped garments, held together in shape by waist belts and knots in the fabric. The clothing was majorly white in color.

In the New Kingdom, fashion started to become more modernized, with intricate fringes and pleats stitched in tunics and other forms of clothing. Their garments became more complex and embellished. During this phase, the Egyptians were influenced by the fashion brought by Greeks, Persians, and Assyrians.

Men belonging to the ‘pyramid land’ were more fashion aware as opposed to the women of those times. From the fabric pieces and art found in ancient tombs and other similar places, it was discovered that men wore about forty different forms of garments. During the Old Kingdom, men’s apparel consisted majorly of the knee-length kilt. They were fastened or knotted, rectangular in shape with a buckle around the waist. Kilts served different purposes and were indicative of one’s social status and age.

With the advent of the New Kingdom, fashion transformed a great deal for the Egyptian men. Putting dye on garments added a lot more color to the Egyptian clothing. Their kilts were intricately pleated and fringed. Aprons and sashes were also added to the attires to give them more of a complete fashionable appearance.

Women’s garments were certainly more form-fitted. A refined and impeccable fashion, choosy and delicate for a slim, even figure, was in trend. During the Old Kingdom, women mainly wore long skirts with pleats and fringed robes wrapped around the waists, pulled above the shoulders, and secured with a knot under their chest. During the time of the New Kingdom, Women’s fashion adapted to the use of colored linen in their garments.

It is an established fact that modern fashion designers derive a great deal of inspiration from ancient Egyptian fashion and culture. Picturing the Egyptian era, and making a comparison with the current fashion, one can come across a great many similarities. Modern-day fashion has definitely taken a twist on the traditional fashion of Egypt and will likely continue to do so in the coming years