September 21, 2023

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5 Best Zombie Shooting Games for Android

Best Zombie Shooting Games for Android

Shooting games are one of the game types that is always super exciting to play. There are several types of shooting games out there and zombie shooting is one of them. Killing zombies by shooting is super exciting than killing anything elses and here in this post we have listed the 5 best zombie shooting games for Android.

So, if you like to shoot and kill nasty zombies, you can try the games below.

1. Zomvid-19

Our first pick is the Zomvid-19, an insane offline zombie survival game exclusively developed for Android by Odyssey Developments. With HD graphics, cool design, and sound effects, this game lets you enjoy a challenging and realistic shooting simulation experience as you try to defend the zombie attacks.

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The game offers various features and lots of different levels to test your skills whether the next level is always harder than the one before. To fight against the nasty zombies, the game offers a massive amount of powerful weapons and explosives. All you need to do to grab your weapons, put your shooting skills to the test. So, keep shooting, get daily bonuses, unlock all the weapons and explosives, upgrade them to make them more deadly, and kill the blood-thirsty zombies on the way before they reach you. Always try to shoot your best to become the ultimate zombie shooter of the game. 

Download Zomvid-19 for Android


Dead Trigger is one of the most popular zombie shooting games out there that has been played for nearly a decade by millions of users. There are two parts of Dead Trigger – Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2; both are awesome with unlimited random missions with an engaging storyline.

With amazing graphics: advanced lighting and post-process effects, high-quality 3D characters, environments, background music, and audios, this game lets you enjoy a thrilling zombie shooting experience. You’ll have all the modern lethal weapons and gears in the games to kill the walking horror blood-thirsty nasty zombies. If you are looking for a high-quality offline FPS zombie shooting game, you should try Dead Trigger.

Download Dead Trigger for Android: part 1 or Part 2

3. Zombie Age: Series

Zombie Age is another popular zombie survival game that has a total of 3 parts – Zombie Age, Zombie Age 2, and Zombie Age 3. All of them are so cool, fun, exciting, and each part has its’ own story. You can try all of them.

The story started in the first part with an attack of savage zombies over humans, and the end of mankind is going to happen. Only a few are alive like you are the only surviving citizen in your town. So it’s your responsibility to deal with the undead and defend your home. Don’t let them take over anything anymore. You have to utilize your limited resource wisely, collect money as much as you can to buy powerful weapons or hire the best zombie assassins in the world to defend what you have left.

Download Zombie Age for Android: Part 1, part 2, or part 3

4. Into The Dead

Into The Dead is another popular zombie survival shooting game like Dead Trigger that has been played for a long time too. The game takes you into a crazy world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. So, you need to do anything in order to stay alive. Always, keep moving as fast as you can and protect yourself by any means necessary.

With intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound depicting a grim zombie apocalypse, an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks, Challenging missions, and minigoals, Into The Dead is a great zombie shooting game without any doubt.

Download for Android

5. Zombie Defense: Battle TD Survival

Another amazing zombie shooting game for Android that is actually a combination of classic RTS and modern Tower Defense. The game based on a story where soldiers are transformed into zombies because of genetically modified drugs and attack the world. All you need to do recruit soldiers, line up and send them to the battle against the zombies.

So, simply get into it, throw grenades and oil into the enemy to burn them, order airstrikes to wipe out the enemy. Earn money from missions and use them to upgrade your characters, planes, soldiers, and other crafts in order to make them stronger. With a bunch of missions, 5 skills with many combinations, 10 friendly units to recruitment, dozens of character upgrading items, 18 basic enemy types, 3 types of mutant zombie bosses, and more, Zombie Defense is a nice zombie shooting game to play.

Download for Android

So, try these best zombie shooting games for Android and become the master zombie hunter!