September 21, 2023

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Best Power Bank Stations In The UK–Your Phone Will Never Run Out Of Power Again

Best Power Bank Stations in the UK

Getting out of power on phone is very common and this can happen anywhere anytime! But every problem has solutions, so this one has too. Portable power bank stations are the most easiest and convenient way among them. Using a power bank rental station, you can rent a power bank for some time or the whole day to keep your phone charged-up. In this post, I’m going to share the 3 best power bank stations in the UK which are most reliable and providing the best possible phone charging solution.

So, let’s have a look at the details of these phone charging power bank stations.


Let’s start with BattPoint – the next-generation phone charging solution in the UK. It’s a network of portable, compact, reliable, and easy to use power banks at BattPoint stations. You can rent those power banks whenever you need it from your nearest station. You can even carry those with you all the time. With an easy to use interface and affordable pricing, the BattPoint mobile app is always all set to free you from constantly thinking of where to charge your phone if it runs out of power.

Simply download the app, sign up, and find the nearest BattPoint charging station on the in-app map. Once the station is located, reach there, and scan the QR code. Because each BattPoint charging station has a unique QR code and scanning that you’ll be able to unlock and access to the power bank for renting (£0.99 per hour & £2.95 for 24 hours). When you’re finished, just return the power bank to any BattPoint Charging Station. That’s it, so easy, effective, and efficient.

Download BattPoint app for Android

Download BattPoint app for IOS


ChargerUK is another option to go with when your phone out of power somewhere in the UK. To start with it, simply download the ChargerUK app and it’ll guide you through from getting registered to pick a venue and finally, confirming payment to get a power bank in your hands.

The application is available for both IOS and Android devices, so you don’t need to worry about the availability of it. Just sign in via Facebook and find the nearest venue to you using the in-app map. Then confirm your venue and finish the payment, however, you can do the payment after reaching the station. Once you are at the station, scan the QR code to the docking station to confirm the payment. Then a portable charger will be released from the docking station and a timer will be visible on the app. Once you are finished using the power bank, just return it to any ChargerUK station. So, simple!

Download Charger UK app for Android

Download Charger UK app for IOS


Our last pick is ChargeBolt that was launched by SILCS Solutions with the aim in mind to help people across the UK & Ireland to provide an easy and innovative solution for whenever your phone low on battery. They did it nicely placing ChargeBolt stands and stations in as many venues as possible making it so convenient for people to keep going & stay connected with a full battery. ChargeBolts power banks hold the latest l-ion battery control and charge management, as well as, safe & effective, an iPhone gets charged over 1% per minute! Each power bank is equipped with 3 cables and compatible with every phone on the market!

You’ll be amused to know that there are over 4.8million ChargeBolts power bank stations have been made so far. Moreover, CargeBolts is also a well-known MiFi (Apple Approved) power bank rental service operating in the UK ensuring the ultimate safety, whilst avoiding any long term damage to your phone.

You can find ChrageBolts station using its app. The app works in the same way that the BattPoint and ChargerUK apps do. You can try it too.

Download ChargeBolts app for Android

Download ChargeBolts app for IOS