February 1, 2023

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Which Is The Best Hospital For Liver Transplant In India With The Best Facilities

Liver failure can happen anytime, it may be in a matter of weeks commonly known as acute liver failure, or it can take several months or even years (chronic liver failure). There are several causes of liver failure that may require liver transplant surgery in India. Some of them are chronic viral infections, liver tumours, increased consumption of alcohol, excessive fat stored in the body, and also bile duct abnormalities. 

Liver Transplant Surgery

The surgery involves removing the patient’s old liver and replacing it with a liver donor who is either dead or has donated a part of his liver and is then put in the same place before joining the blood vessels and the bile duct. The human liver is more than capable of performing its normal functions at the same efficiency even if a part of the liver has been donated to a person suffering from liver problems. Both the parts of the liver will regenerate to their original size although the shape of the liver remains different. 

Liver transplant surgery in India is a miracle for those patients whose liver disease has affected their liver so much that their condition is extremely critical. The surgery is usually considered the last option when patients have already undergone other forms of treatment or if they have developed liver cancer in the process. The living donor version of the liver transplant surgery can be performed when the patient is in extreme need of it and when the entire medical team is available with a healthy liver from a living donor.

Best Hospital For Liver Transplant In India

Max Super Speciality Hospital provides excellent liver transplant surgery. It is known for its state-of-the-art clinics that provide specialized treatment of liver and other diseases, thus making it one of the best hospitals that provide liver transplant surgery in India. This has been possible because the hospital boasts of expert skilled doctors and an excellent nursing staff which has been the backbone of this centre which was established in India way back in 2001. 

It currently consists of a team of 200 doctors of various fields and an average of 20 years of experience between them. The hospital has performed over 2600 plus transplants. Max hospital provides several therapies that ensure the patient receives adequate care during and after the procedure. The success rate of liver transplant at Max Hospitals is over 95% and the 10-year survival rate is over 80%.


A liver transplant surgery is an operation in which the diseased liver is replaced with a part of a healthy liver from another person. A liver transplant is an effective surgery for patients suffering from liver diseases such as Hepatitis B and C, autoimmune hepatitis etc. Other causes are excessive alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, obesity, etc.

Organ donation is a ray of shining hope to a number of people all over the world. It’s a very difficult decision to make, but it is also a major source of hope for patients who are suffering from end-stage organ failure.