December 4, 2022

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Best ASO Tips To Boost Your App Search In 2020

app store optimization tips

ASO simply means App Store Optimization. It is similar to search engine optimization. ASO is meant for mobile apps, whereas SEO is for websites or webpages. We are very well aware of mobile applications. They are available on the app store. People search for the app from the app store, download it, and use it for their needs. 

If you wish to enhance your app’s visibility in the app store, you have to use the App Store Optimization process. When the app ranks, it gets higher visibility in the app store. For increasing your app’s visibility in the app store, you can consult the app store optimization company. It will help you to rank your app, increase app downloads, enhance app reviews, and promote it. 

Ranking the app or increasing its visibility in the app store is mobile app marketing. Marketing the mobile app is required to increase the number of downloads and users must consistently use it too. In this article, we shall see some app store optimization tips and tricks to make any app noticed by users. 

  1. Select the correct app category

You have to take care that you choose the correct app category while placing the app in the app store. When users search for the app, it must be present at the exact place. Before choosing the category, you must do a lot of research. If your app is in the correct category, it will surely rank. 

  1. Add maximum keywords

In SEO, a page having relevant and maximum keywords will take the top position in search engine results. Similarly, in mobile app marketing, adding maximum keywords to your app’s description will increase its visibility. App Store and Google Play Store implement distinct optimization approaches regarding keywords. 

The Google Play Store does not require keywords. It only scans the app and its description and automatically generates 4000 characters information, which is available to users. On the contrary, the App Store allows you to add the app title with keywords in just 100 characters.

  1. Select the correct app name

Selecting the correct and accurate app name is essential for your app to be noticed in the app store. People download the app after reading the app name. Therefore, it is the first element that users will notice. Keep the app name concise and catchy. Let the app name demonstrate what the app can do. 

For the Google Play Store, the app name or title should be within 50 characters and for the App Store, it should be within 30 characters. 

  1. Include HD screenshots

Before users download the app, they see screenshots that you add. Therefore, make sure you add high-quality screenshots. Many people get impressed by the visuals. With screenshots, you can highlight the significant function of your app that may attract users. 

For the App Store, you can add ten screenshots and eight screenshots for the Google Play Store. 

  1. Keep the app icon engaging

As the app name, keep the app icon catchy and engaging. Create the icon in such a way that it should represent what your app does. Select the appropriate colour, geometry and size for impressing users.

Make sure you add a small video, previewing your app’s function and look. Many people watch the app preview video and then decide whether to download or not. 


People should understand from the app title, screenshots, and video what the app can do and how it is beneficial for them. When people understand that the app can do essential functions, they will download it. You can choose the suitable app store optimization company to enhance your app’s visibility.